Texas Style Council!

I just registered for the Texas Style Council conference in August! I am pumped beyond belief! Now I just have to plan my outfits for the weekend…..a month in advance:)


Here is the link if anyone would like to register! It will be my first time there so I will definitely need any advice you bloggers out there can offer me! Hope to see some of the beautiful ladies I read about every day there!

xox Megan

1 Comment Texas Style Council!

  1. Jennifer (@isaidgoodluck)

    I will know in a few days if I am able to go or not! I’ve been planning all year but still unsure! I went last year and wasn’t that happy about it (I wrote about it on my blog) but this year seems different. So I am excited to go and I’m planning on being myself and pretty social. That’s the plan at least ha!


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