Color Crush: Teal And Coral Chevron

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I have had a major thing for coral and teal lately. The proof is here, here, here, here, and  here. Yes I know, it’s getting a bit ridiculous, but I just CAN’T get enough of this color combo! I also love the one shoulder look. So many trends in one outfit…ahhh! Alright, well enough about trends and on to the actual outfit…here she goes…

Lacey coral handbag

Coral and teal chevrons on a dress

Coral and teal chevron dressDress: Charming Charlie
Handbag: Charming Charlie
Earrings: Francesca’s
Belt: Target
Bracelets: Charming Charlie
Infinity ring: Charming Charlie
Flats: Payless

As you can probably tell just by browsing my posts, I have a bit of a handbag fetish. I need a new handbag like I need a hole in my head. Yes I sound like my mother, I know! It’s terrible, but it’s true! Anyways, when I saw this coral lace handbag I fell head over heels in love. And you will never guess how much it was. Go on, take a guess? You were probably wrong! I got it for $5. I love clearance…so much. This little handbag fits a surprisingly large amount of stuff, which is awesome because I carry WAY too much with me. There is also a long strap that I have tucked inside so you can wear it either way, because really who wants to carry it around all day? This outfit, overall just rocks if I do say so myself:)

In other news, the gym is going well. It’s funny how after just under 2 weeks of working out I already feel 10 times more confident! This whole working out thing= awesome! I was a little discouraged when I got out of the shower tonight to find that my darling Sophie chewed a hole in my brand new charcoal and coral C9 Target workout pants:( I literally got them on Sunday and they are ruined…my heart broke just a bit. It’s a good thing she’s the cutest thing I have ever seen, or the wrath of Megan would have been unleashed! And now for the shameless puppy picture…here she is looking all sad that she got scolded when she ruined my pants:

Sophie, Cavalier King Charles

Until next time…

xox Megan

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