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Today is a learning day! Did you know that you can find out someone’s exact location via Instagram? Yeah, I mean exact. Down to the house they are living in. This makes is beyond easy for someone creeeeeepy to find out where you and your family live. Scary huh? Well, have no fear, I’m here today to show you how to A. find out if your information is being shared, B. find out how to take the location off of any pictures you have already unknowingly tagged, and C. make sure that you no longer give away this private information!

How to untag your Instagram photos

Are you sharing your location with strangers?

Well, if you have ever tagged a restaurant, grocery store, gym, airport, zoo, etc. chances are you have been sharing your location with people unknowingly. To find out for sure, go to your profile in Instagram and click on the map button as shown in the picture below. If a map shows up, you are sharing your location! If a message shows up telling you about the photo map and telling you that it is currently empty, you are safe! Woohoo for you! (If your map shows up, zoom all the way in on the pictures, it literally shows your house if you have posted pictures there….scary!)

Instagram map

So, you’re sharing your location…how do you get it to stop?!?

Great question, and it is SO easy! 1. Go to your profile in Instagram and click on the map button. 2. You will see photos on the map. 3. Click on the menu button in the top right hand corner of the screen. An “Edit” button will pop up when you do.

Instagram Photo map Geotags

4. Once you have clicked edit, the screen will go dim except for the photos. 5. Click on the photos and then press edit in the pop up. 6. A new screen will show that has all of your photos on it. You can click on each picture individually or at the bottom of the screen (not shown) press “Deselect All”.

Geotagging on Instagram

Click “Done” in the upper right corner and a window like the one below should pop up. Click “Confirm” and that’s it, you’ve untagged all of your photos!Removing the geotags on Instagram

I’ve taken location off of all my pictures, how do I make sure I don’t do it again?

When you are uploading a photo, uncheck the “Add to Photo Map” box just below “Tag People”. Once unchecked your pictures will not show up on the map! Simple as that. You can also turn of locations on your phone to be sure, but I use a run tracking app that needs locations/GPS to function so that doesn’t work for me.

Untag pictures on Instagram

Now, I’m not an expert, so if I have gotten anything wrong here, don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments! Let me know if you have any questions at all as well!

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26 Comments Staying Safe On The Internet: Instagram

  1. Stephanie

    I had no clue you could remove your photos. Good info! The majority of my photos are of Connor and occasionally, I think I shouldn’t expose him so much but I guess I’m just hoping nothing will happen with his photos.

  2. budziak

    I was going to do this post too but I never got around to it. I’m glad you put it up! It’s great to know and I didn’t even know until a few months ago when I curiously started looking through mine and friends’ photo maps. Crazy. You’d think Instagram would be more proactive about informing users about privacy & security. Great post, I love your screenshots! :-)

    1. Megan

      Thanks, love! I really think they should…it’s scary to think that if you post a lot from your home or work people, whether you know them or not, can find where these places are!

  3. Ria

    Fab post!
    I do use the tagging tool, but only when I go visit places I want to be made public – like a museum or restaurant I think is cool – never my own home or personal places etc.

    I’d also recommend checking your GPS settings on your phone too as an extra precaution :) means there’s a little more control over what locations you choose to post!

    1. Megan

      Thank you! Adding tags in public places is totally ok. It’s just scary to know that there are people who don’t realize it is tagging your house every time you post that selfie of you and your kids! There are certain bloggers where I actually zoomed in and could figure out where they lived and where they worked! I will for sure have to look at my GPS settings too@!

  4. Juliana

    I’m on Instagram and I had no idea their whole geotag thing was that precise on your location, right down to your house! I was beyond creeped out, so thanks for the tips! I just checked to make sure my photos didn’t have any of those pesky tags on them.

  5. Caden

    I’m Glad I Stumbled Upon This!! Paranoia for the win haha! I’m fairly new and breaking down the walls of privacy and opening myself up online has been a tad scary! The last thing I would want is to link something up with my address! eek!! I loved this! Thank you!


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