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I am so happy it’s hump day…that just means it’s one day closer to being Friday. I am beyond exhausted. Traveling for two weekends in a row by myself has worn me out. Don’t get me wrong, I am so lucky to be able to travel, and to have such a wonderful family….but you have NO idea how excited I am to stay at home and do nothing this weekend. My plans: Friday- Sleep, Saturday- Sleep, run 5 miles, sleep more, maybe eat a little, Sunday- Sleep, drink mimosas, eat eggs Benedict, sleep more. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? I may take some blog pictures in there somewhere, but they will for sure include a big messy bun and some sunglasses. Really though, what’s new?

Valentines Outfits

So, I’ve never really been a huge Valentine’s day fan, but I am actually really excited about it this year. It’s going to be the first time in years that I can spend it with Wes. Working in retail really puts a damper on those types of things, which is why I am so glad that this year I don’t have to worry about it:) Now, I probably wouldn’t wear these things on my date, but for the day of I think they would be adorable! They would also be perfect for me to wear this weekend while I am being lazy with Wes and Sophie:)

I’m pretty sure the sweater with the hearts on the elbows is my favorite…..I might need to make myself one of these. Which is your favorite?

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4 Comments Exhaustion

  1. Jennifer

    I love all the heart things that are floating around right now :) I have a grey sweater with a big mint heart in the center. In fact I’m wearing it right now :) I LOVE the Tee with the cut out back though! Sexy!!

  2. Ashley

    OMG, now I want some mimosas. All those tops are so cute but I think I love that red off the shoulder one and the mint one with the heart cut out of the back. I wish I had a vday date but my bosses are going out of town so I’ll be babysitting all weekend, at least I’ll make bank haha.


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