Just Keep Running….

Hi Lovelies!

Well, I have been running a few times a week since November and am on week 7 of my official training. Oh my goodness how much has changed! It’s so hard to believe that a few months ago I had to stop multiple times per mile and walk. I ran 6 miles yesterday. Ran. Yes, that’s right, I ran 6 miles straight. For all you regular runners that may not seem like much, but for a girl who hated running and could literally not run a full mile without walking 4 months ago….that is awesome! I stood in the garage after my run and marveled at the fact that my legs had just carried me 6 miles. I really think I could have run 4 more miles after just resting for a few minutes…this half marathon is in the bag!

Now, in terms of healthy eating….that is a whole different story. I have been doing well on my breakfasts and lunches having Fruit or oatmeal for breakfast and a sandwich or salad for lunch. It’s the dinners that kill me…I feel as though it’s an every other day kind of thing. One day I eat salmon and veggies, and the next I’m eating pizza or tacos. I really need to work on the consistency in my healthy eating, but at the same time I need to acknowledge that I am doing so much better than I used to! We only bought one box of Girl Scout cookies this year and they are long gone…I refuse to buy any more! 

Girl Scout Cookies

What is your biggest weakness in healthy living? 

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  1. Angela

    Thank you for this post. I am trying to psych myself up for getting back in shape- I have just run out of time in my day to work out. But I refuse myself any more excuses. I have always despised running- even when I did it EVERY DAY for a year. But I’m considering starting back again. Thank you for the inspiration and wish me luck 😉


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