Friday Dealz Accessories You Will Love

Hi Lovelies!

Happy Friday! Another weekend another set of amazing deals from Groopdealz! Today I picked out three really fun accessories for you to take a look at!

Aztec Band Watches

Aztec Band Watches– $7.99
I love that each of the watches has different colors so you could wear each with a plethora of different outfits. And, let’s be realistic, you can never have too many watches.

Dainty Tube Necklaces

Dainty Tube Necklace– $6.99
I love really simple necklaces that would go with literally everything, and this one is just so cute!

Monogram Sunglasses

Monogram Sunglasses– $11.99
Can I say it outloud? I’m not really a HUGE fan of monograms. Don’t hate me! I like the occasional monogram necklace, but having everything monogrammed is just not my cup of tea. I think these are cute though. It’s subtle and doesn’t overpower the sunglasses. Well done, Groopdealz:)

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