Fridays Deals And A Happy Friday!

Hi Lovelies!

Happy Friday! I don’t know why it felt like such a long week…probably because I was unable to run for most of it:(  It’s funny how not being able to have a normal routine really messes with your entire week. Well, don’t worry I won’t mess with the schedule here, it’s Friday and that means I am sharing some of my favorite pieces from Groopdealz!

Personalized Initial Necklace

Personalized Initial Necklaces– $13.99
I love this. I actually have seen a few of these around and considered buying one, but I definitely have yet to see one with such a great price! I think a little M&W would be adorable:)

Black Racerback Maxi Dress

Racerback Maxi Dress– $17.99
I have a love for maxi dresses. Someone once said (or I read it on Pinterest lol) that they are pretty much the yoga pant of dresses, which is SO true! Except when you wear a maxi dress no one thinks you’re a lazy bum:)

Chevron Tote

Chevron Tote– $18.99
I have an obsession with yellow, anyone that was at my wedding can tell you that. This bag is super big and spacious, which is perfect for me since I like to put everything I own into my purse! I am wondering if I could even use it as a cute camera bag……Hmmm….

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Here’s to hoping that I can run all my distance this weekend and that Sophie doesn’t pull me down any more hills before April 13th!

All That Glitters Blog Signature**This post is sponsored by Groopdealz. All opinions, as always, are my own…I wouldn’t endorse something I didn’t already love, promise!**

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