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FuelYourBetter uphill battle

5:30 AM bootcamp: It’s a love-hate relationship really. I love bootcamp. I really like my trainer, and the people in my class are pretty great too. It’s the 4:45 wake up call I hate. I have never been one to just jump out of bed in the early hours of the morning and hop to it, but the past 2 months I have had to. I have gotten SO much better, trust me, but it’s going to take some time before I can actually say I enjoy the morning…if I ever do lol! June, I rocked it. I was there every morning, never skipped one. Then I went on vacation at the end of June and coming back in July was rough. Don’t get me wrong, I have been there pretty much every morning, but after 11 days of vacay I was struggling to tear myself off of the bed.

Can't get past this plateau Vega Sport Protein

What do you do when you hit this wall? This wall that you SO badly want to crash through and get around. I for one have been trying to fuel my body a little bit better than I used to. I never thought I would be that girl who drinks protein drinks to supplement her diet after a work out…but I have BECOME that girl. I got the chance through my Sweat Pink Ambassadorship to get a free trial of the Vega post workout Protein shake for the #fuelyourbetter campaign, and after using it these past few weeks, it is really great! I make one every day after my bootcamp work out, and I really think that it is working wonders. I don’t feel as tired during the days, I feel better from work out to work out, and can definitely feel myself getting stronger much more quickly than I was before. I even feel a tad bit more energetic when I have to get up in the early morning;-) I got the vanilla flavor, because I always think that chocolate protein tastes like chalk. Now, I won’t lie to you, I am super weird about these types of things…I will say, it’s not something I sit and think about all day long because it tastes SO good. Haha! BUT, it’s not as terrible as I thought it might be. I think drinking it by itself every day is a little bit much for me, but I have actually tried putting it into my smoothie, which was fantastic! On the Vega website they have some really great recipes you can put the powder in to as well, such as the following:

Pumpkin Protein PancakesPumpkin Protein Pancakes

Strawberry Protein Waffles

Strawberry Protein Waffles

These recipes are both on my list of things to make with my protein powder, especially the strawberry waffles….yum! Well, enjoy your workouts and your weekends! Be sure to let me know if you try the Vega protein shakes out!

You can purchase Vega Sport Protein powder through Vega directly, or on Amazon!

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***I received VegaSport Protein Powder in exchange for a review. I was not compensated in any other way and was under no obligation to write a “good” review. All opinions are my own and I would never endorse something that I didn’t love myself.***

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