Tights Are My Winter Savior

What to wear to work- Black lace midi dress with black blazerYou guys…I am ALL about the dresses. Pants are probably my least favorite clothing item and I hate them. Dresses and skirts are the most comfortable items in a girl’s closet, in my opinion, and I am not about to say goodbye to them just because it’s getting colder outside. Oh no. Tights. Tights are where it is at! I have pretty much every color tights you can imagine in my closet and I wear them ALL THE TIME during the winter. Layered with some cute boot cuffs and boots is my favorite way….or you can go simple like my outfit today!
Classic black lace dress with gold accessories Gold sparkly belt with black lace Black and burgundy- Winter outfit inspiration Burgundy Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC with black and gold outfit Black Lace Dress with black blazer and tights- office wear Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC with gold
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JCPenney Dress  //  Blazer- so old I don’t remember  //  Payless Pumps  //  Rebecca Minkoff Bag  //  Charming Charlie Bracelets & Sunglasses  //  Necklace and Kendra Scott Earrings c/o Rocksbox  //  Target Belt  //  Tights c/o Kushyfoot
Shop Lace Dresses:
I got these tights from Kushyfoot, and they are awesome. First, I love that they don’t go all the way up my torso to my bra. Those “control top” ones just make me claustrophobic. Second, they don’t cut in to your sides. No one likes that weird line where your tights cut into your side skin and make you look like you have an awkward roll. Now, maybe I just never have bought the right kind before now….but these tights don’t do that, it’s awesome!
I love that because of tights, I am going to be able to wear this dress through any weather. It’s got to be one of my all time favorite dresses and I don’t wear it nearly as often as I should. When there isn’t a blazer covering me from the winds you can see the shape of it a little better and it almost reminds me of a 50’s housewife dress. It curves in all the right places and really shows off your shape:) Love. I did get these tights for free from Kushyfoot, but I can honestly say that I would buy them regardless. They are comfortable and they are well priced. You can get a three pack for $20.97, and let’s be honest…I am not the most delicate little flower ever and ruin tights at least once per season. Ruin one? Have two more left…ha!All That Glitters Blog Signature
**I received the tights mentioned above for free from Kushyfoot. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.**

19 Comments Tights Are My Winter Savior

  1. Angelic Sinova

    I LOVE tights (especially in late fall in winter!) Even when it’s cold in December, I still log wearing dresses for the all the holiday events that month (plus I just love dresses) and tights always help make sure my legs are nice and warm! LOVE your dress, so cute <3

  2. Andi

    I wear dresses every day to work and tights are a must have – I wear them almost all year because San Francisco is always chilly! I wear a lot of black dresses so getting colored tights adds some fun!

  3. Natalie

    I love tights, too! I’ve been looking for the perfect pair forever, but all of them either have those claustrophobic control top or they cut into my side. I’m definitely trying some by Kushyfoot! :)

  4. Michelle Snow

    I think dresses are beautiful, but I cant stand wearing them. I am always too tall for the cute short dresses, and too tall for the long dresses because they aren’t long enough. But you look super cute in this! Love that black lace dress.

  5. Myrabev

    I love pants more than dresses but I am weirdly in love with dresses and skirts this winter and i am wearing them proudly with tights but not all colours just black, blue or grey. Looking good btw

  6. Katie Matthews

    I wear pencil skirts for work so would hate it without tights! They are such a saviour! I’m so fussy with them though – as I sit for a long time they can sometimes make my legs really itchy! haha

    Fabulous outfit lovely :)

    Katie <3


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