Mansfield Dam Park- Austin, TX

Mansfield Dam Park

This past weekend my parents came down from Dallas to visit and we took a little trip out to the Mansfield Dam Park on Lake Travis. It was so pretty, but it is CRAZY how low the lake is! We looked it up and supposedly the water level is down 50-60 feet to what it’s supposed to be! You can see by looking at the dam and the rocks around the lake where the water should be. I’ll definitely be thinking about it all next time I take a super long shower or water my lawn! Even with the low water level, Lake Travis is still a beautiful sight:)Mansfield Dam Park at Lake Travis Lake Travis Park Lake Travis Mansfield Dam Park The Oasis- Lake Travis View from the Oasis, Lake TravisWe also went to the brewery at The Oasis which I talked about a little yesterday. I can’t wait to go back once its a little nicer outside this spring/summer! Did you guys do anything fun this weekend?

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