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Third Love Review Teal bra and panties
Undergarments are one of my favorite things to buy, but LEAST favorite things to actually shop for. I mean, you have to try on a million styles in every different size to find the perfect fit. Because really, who wants to actually get fit for one? There’s nothing like an awkward bra fitting with a salesperson in a dirty dressing room to get you excited for new bras! The whole concept of the entire thing just kind of weirds me out. Not to mention, I think there is something wrong with the mirrors in there, they make you look all funky and washed out…not what I want went I’m prancing around in my skivvies trying to find a bra that fits and some cute undies to go with it. So, when I was approached by ThirdLove to try out their site I was beyond happy to do so!
First of all, they have some really cute stuff, like what I picked out up there^^! How pretty is that teal color?! Second, they have this iPhone app that allows you to take photos of yourself in your mirror at home (fully clothed;-)) and it will help you determine your size! Unfortunately, I don’t have an iPhone so I was unable to try this part out, but I am jealous of all the iPhone users who can do this!
They also have 1/2 sizes, because if you are like me, you can never find a perfect fit because you are in between sizes. That being said, if you don’t love your bra or it doesn’t fit and you need a new size, all returns and exchanges (in the US) have free shipping back to ThirdLove! How awesome is that? There is nothing worse than ordering something and needing a new size, then having to pay shipping back to the shop and not knowing whether the next one will fit you either!
I know that I got my bra and panty courtesy of ThirdLove, but I can honestly say that I would purchase from them again in the future! The bra is super comfortable and the undies match it just perfectly1 You should go check them out before Valentine’s day comes and goes…this would be the perfect time to give it a try! Not only is V day coming up, but Third Love is giving you $20 off your purchase if you sign up through this link!

$20 off at Third Love Equalizer bra and undies

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