Spring Is Here- Pink & Green

Pink and green outfit for spring

Wow, this whole time change thing has REALLY screwed me up this year! I don’t know why it’s so bad, but I am really struggling over here, STILL! I also think it has a bit to do with the fact that my sister and I stayed up until 2AM talking when I was in Dallas this weekend. Lol! Well, I definitely need to work on getting to bed early this week so that I can start getting up in the mornings to go to classes at my gym:) I’ve been really good at going to classes through Fitmob lately, but they have all been after work which always takes up so much of my night and makes me feel much less productive. I would much rather get up early and get it all over with first time so that I have my nights to spend with my husband, blog, craft, or do other fun stuff that I want to do!Green and pink headwrap Pink and green cotton headwrap Green and pink outfit for spring Fishtail braid Fishtail braid for spring Pink and green outfit inspiration

Get The Look:

All That Glitters Baby Head wrap  //  Old Navy Denim & Cardigan  //  Charming Charlie Shirt, Sunglasses & Clutch  // Five Below Shoes  //  Sam Moon Necklace  //  Jawbone UP24

I put this outfit together to match my green and pink head wrap and I love how springy and colorful it is. Green and pink are an unusual, but fantastic color combo that I really should wear more of! Oh and by the way, if you follow me on Intsagram you will know, but these shoes…yeah…they were $5. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the sign. You just can’t beat $5 for shoes, especially when they aren’t something you plan to wear every single day. The head wrap was made by yours truly and you can purchase yours here. It’s comfy, it can be tied multiple ways, and it didn’t slip off of my head at all when I wore it. Score for me!!

Tomorrow is hump day again already…my how the time flies. I’m going to try to get a recipe up here some time this week, so stick around for that!

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