Packing A Hat For Vacation: The Dilemma

Floppy hat nd zebra shoesIt happens every summer. I am packing to go on vacation and I want to bring a hat. Hats are perfect for vacation because they’re cute, they help hide your lake hair, and they keep the sun off of your face. I’m not a hug baseball cap fan. Don’t get me wrong, I have one and I will wear it, but I prefer floppy hats and fedoras. Unfortunately, these are the hardest types of hats to pack. You have to decide whether you want to pack it and risk it being squished beyond recognition, or you want to look like the fool who wears a fashion hat on the plane. <sigh> On the way to Jamaica, I just wore the thing…and it was SO annoying. When you sit on the plane you have to take it off, so now its just floating around the plane, touching the dirty floor, and getting squished anyways! Let’s just say, I rarely travel with hats anymore and it just makes me sad.
Enter the Pack A Hat from Cappelli Straworld! Not only is it rated UPF 50+, but it is foldable down to a teeny tiny little piece! You can throw it into the cute little matching wristlet it comes with, or you can just put it in your purse! I can literally take it anywhere with me, even with a really small cross body purse which I am known to carry:)
Pack-A-Hat with my floral romper
When I was asked to review the Pack A Hat, I knew I had to because I have talked about my hat packing dilemmas on here before! I had to know if it was worth it and I’m pretty sure I have decided it is! You really can’t beat $25 for a hat that you can pack AND a cute little bag that I have been using for make up when I don’t need it for travel. Now, you must realize that they hat will take on it’s own form when you put it on, it’s not going to stick straight out like a straw floppy hat would, but it goes out enough that it still looked cute on:)
The Pack-A-Hat
The hat comes in 5 different colors and each has a matching bag. Head on over to their site to get yours before your summer vacations! If you buy through my link, you will get free shipping!
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PS: Pack-A-Hat is DEFINITELY on my list of essentials for my next beach trip. Check out all the other items on my beach essentials list below!
Beach Vacation Essentials

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