A Whole New Me

Hello again (1)

So much has changed since I was last here. In case you haven’t noticed (haha), I haven’t been to this space in over two years. I slowly but surely became burnt out in the fashion blog space. Daily posts turned in to weekly, which turned into none at all. It’s crazy to think that I am an entirely different person now.

In 2016, I built up my handmade baby clothing business. It became a real job for me and replaced my income from my “normal” job completely plus some. I hesitate to say “normal” job, because what is a normal job really? If it’s your job….it’s “normal” right? Anyways, allthatglittersbaby.com became my full-time job and still is to this day. Yup, that’s right…I design and sew baby clothes and (for the moment) sell them on Etsy…for a living. We’re in the middle of creating a stand-alone website for All That Glitters Baby Boutique, but it’s a slow and steady process. I’m sure we will never fully leave Etsy, but I hate to leave all my eggs in one basket if you know what I mean.


In 2018, my husband and I moved out to the bay area in California. We miss Austin terribly, but being in the tech industry, Silicon Valley was the place to be for my husband’s job. Shortly after the move, (surprise!) I got pregnant. Pregnancy was tough on me and I was sick for roughly 20+ weeks. Most of the year was a blur, with planning for the baby, running my shop, traveling to see my family and friends for baby shower’s, etc. The end of the year was spent relaxing with my husband and our fur baby Sophie, and nesting to the highest extreme.

In January 2019, baby girl was born. Yes, we call her baby girl. We didn’t pick a name until the VERY last minute and baby girl was what we had called her so it’s kind of stuck. She is by far the coolest thing I have ever made. Of all the things people tell you in preparation for having a baby, they just can’t prepare you for how stinkin’ much you’re going to love that tiny human. She’s the coolest human on this planet, and I am thankful every day to be able to spend my time with her. Sometimes she tests my patience, sometimes she tries to kill me via sleep deprivation, and sometimes she attempts to chew my nipple off (yeah, I know TMI), but I love that little munchkin more than anything. The months have flown by and we just recently celebrated her 7 month birthday.

I have so much more to update you with but will do so post by post instead of making this one 7000 paragraphs long. I’m so happy to be back in my creative space, and hope you will all join in again and read along! Come on over to Instagram to say hi, we’ve been posting there on the regular for the last two years, so you can scroll through and see a little bit of what you’ve missed!

xox Megan

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