Stripes and Floral

Black and white striped dress with booties and a scarf Monday is upon us again. <sigh> I spent the weekend cleaning for my best friend to come in to town from Houston next weekend, watching the Harry Potter marathon on ABC Family, and recovering for a bout of bronchitis. A Z pack and an inhaler later and I might ACTUALLY make it to all of my bootcamp classes this week. No promises though;-) I’m really bummed, because my trainer has put in her 2 weeks notice and this will be her last week teaching bootcamp! She was part of the reason I loved it so much and I am really sad to see her go:( I’m hoping they find someone to take over or else bootcamp may be over! I have been seeing all sorts of Groupon deals for work out activities lately though, so maybe I will try a few of those for the remainder of the fall/winter and then start an outdoor bootcamp again in the spring. All I know is that I need to continue with working out, especially now that the BF and I have signed up for our SECOND half marathon!Black and white stripes with coral floral Floral and stripes with booties Striped dress with floral scarf- outfit inspiration Black and white stripes with a floral scarf Floral scarf with pearls on a striped dress Stripes and floral a great mix

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Old Navy Dress  //  Charming Charlie Scarf, Sunglasses, Clutch & Pearls  //  Alloy Booties

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This outfit is one I wore to work a week or two ago just after I got back from visiting my parents in Dallas. I had seen a couple cute black and white striped shift dresses at Target, but the shift style USUALLY doesn’t work on me. So, when I saw this one that actually had some shape to it, I knew I needed it! My Mom agreed that it was adorable, so I knew it was a winner. Let’s say, I have worn it to work twice in the two weeks I have owned it, and I don’t hate it one bit:) I love pattern mixing these days, so obviously I had to throw in a little floral there with the scarf, and let’s be honest, pearls go with everything so they were a must have as well! There you have it, today’s outfit!

Does anyone else out there have a really great work out program that they do along side the running when training for marathons? Let me know, because I would love to get a little variety in my work outs!

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Is It Fall Yet?

Black and white A line dress with sleeves

I love summer. It is by far my favorite season of the year, but I LOVE fall fashion. I love wearing tights and boots with my dresses. I love scarves. I love dressing up an oversized sweater with a little bit of lace. I love this dress. I was walking through Target last week, trying to find a few last minute summer outfits on clearance, and I walked by this little number. I don’t know what it is that drew me to it, but I’m going to say it was probably the fit. It’s so feminine and girlie. <swoon> I have been trying to think up fun ways to style it using a little bit of color ever since I bought it:) First though, the classic, elegant styling with a little bit of grey and black!Fall fashion- grey black and white striped dress with sleeves Classic Fall look in Black and white Black and white striped dress for fall Long brown hair with braids Grey heels with black bows Black and white long sleeved dress Black long sleeved dress- prefect for fall! Grey striped dress for fall fashion Grey fall heels with bowsGet The Look:
Target Dress (Similar)/ Payless Shoes/ Forever 21 Bracelets/ Kate Spade Clutch via Nordstrom Rack/ Charming Charlie Sunglasses/ Forever 21 Earrings

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Excuse my second day hair, I really need to get a trim:) Speaking of which, if I come around these parts asking you whether or not to get bangs again….SAY NO! I got them back in January and loved them for the first…oooh day or so. Apparently my bangs are the only part of my hair that just doesn’t want to grow because they seem to never come back in fast enough! A trim….that is ALL I need, just a trim!  Well, I’m off for the day…have a great Tuesday!

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Striped And Ruffled

Black and white striped dress

Hi Lovelies!

My absence yesterday was a much needed break. I have been so stressed out lately I just needed to take a day off:) I spent Monday night talking to the neighbors while our dogs played and then eating dinner and watching a thunderstorm with Wes. It was relaxing and it was so nice to just sit and hang out with no deadlines and nothing of importance to do.

Black with ruffles Classic black and white outfit Black and white stripes with ruffles Black and white skirt with black top Black and white striped dress with Kate Spade bag Black and white dress with stripes Black and white outfitGet The Look:

Kohls dress (Similar), GoJane wedges (Similar), Kate Spade clutch (Similar), Charming Charlie bracelet (Similar), Charming Charlie necklace (Similar), Headband, Aldo sunglasses

 I wanted to say thank you to everyone who commented and emailed me about Monday’s post. It was one of those that I didn’t know whether or not to publish and after all of the wonderful comments, I am glad I did! You are all wonderful and I am thankful for you every day:) That being said, expect a post about the trolls of the internet to come soon…lol!

Today’s outfit is one that I haven’t worn in ages. When I worked at Charming Charlie you had to wear all black with only a little bit of white. At the time I accepted the job it was fine since half of my clothes were black anyways (yay Kappa Alpha Theta), but after over a year of black and white 5 times per week, it got more than a little bit old. Let’s just say that for the past year since I got my new job I have been trying to steer clear of this color scheme. I found this little number in the back of the dress section in my closet and realized I hadn’t worn it since CC. I had forgotten how much I LOVE this dress. It’s comfortable, classy, and perfectly work appropriate (for my job at least). I bought it about 2 years ago from Kohls and although I don’t see it on the website now, I was in a few weekends ago and they have an identical one in the store.I hope you all have a wonderful hump day and I will see you tomorrow!

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