Top 30 Of 2014 & A New Schedule

In honor of the new year I’m showcasing my 30 favorite outfits from 2014! It was a really great year, and I have learned so much from blogging. I have some great plans for the next year and I hope you will all enjoy the ride along with me! If you want more information about any of the outfits below just click away to the original posts! See the bottom of the post for some new things coming to All That Glitters in 2015!

Best of 2014 1

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Best of 2014 3

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Best of 2014 4

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Best of 2014 5

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Best of 2014 6

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Best of 2014 8

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Best of 2014 9

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Best of 2014 10

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Best of 2014 11

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Best of 2014 12

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I’m starting a new schedule this year for my posts, hopefully it will be a little bit easier to keep up with than the randomness that has been going on this year! You may have noticed that I have been incorporating a lot more recipes, crafts, and fitness tips into the blog over the past few months. These are all things that I really enjoy and want to share with y’all just as much as my style posts! If you have any suggestions on recipes, crafts, or DIY posts you would like to see let me know in the comments below, or shoot me an email at allthatglitters810 {at} gmail {dot} com. I plan to post Monday through Friday (unless something comes up, that’s life!) and follow a schedule similar to the one below. Things change and life gets in the way sometimes, so if it deviates a bit sometimes we will deal, but I would like for you all to have an idea of what to expect when you visit each day:)

Monday: Style post
Tuesday: Every Day Living
(This includes recipes, crafts, DIY, inspiration, and anything else having to do with my passions in life!)
Wednesday: Style post
Thursday: Every Day Living
Every other Friday: Fit Friday/Style post

I hope you’ll all join me next week for the beginning of the new schedule:) Have a wonderful first weekend of the year, I know I sure will!

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Styling A Fall Romper

Burgundy Romper with Brown Floppy Hat

It’s gone. And by it, I mean my hair. No, I didn’t shave my head…but these pictures are the last of the beyond long hair. Now, as my hair dresser told me, my hair is still “really long” in normal people standards lol, but to me, and compared to what it was, it’s gone! Haha! I went last night to get a hair cut and haven’t had time to take any photos yet, so you will just have to wait until next week to see it:)Brown fall hat with burgundy romper Burgundy and brown outfit inspiration for fall

Burgundy shorts with tall brown boots

Brown felt fall hat Shades of brown with burgundy Fall felt brimmed hat with burgundy Burgundy with brown accents

Cognac brown boots with burgundy romper

Burgundy dress with brown floppy fall hatGet The Look:
Target Romper  //  White Plum Hat  //  Aldo Sunglasses  //  Francesca’s Earrings  //  DSW Boots  //  Charming Charlie Handbag

Similar Styles:

I saw this romper when I was roaming around Target one day and I knew it would be perfect for Texas fall. You know, still hot, but dreaming of days when you can wear jeans and not sweat through them. The burgundy color is perfect for fall and the fact that it involves shorts makes me so happy:) I can even wear it once it does get a bit chilly with a pair of tights:) I wish I would have gone one size down because the top half is a little big on me, but it was really comfortable and I love, LOVE the color!

The boots and hat really give it the extra fall flair. If you have been around for a while, you will recognize these boots from last year, they are my favorite. They are beginning to look a bit shabby though, so I may need to find another pair this fall. What would you add to a romper to make it fall ready?

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