3 Ways To Style White Denim This Fall

3 Ways To Wear White Denim For Fall

I don’t know about you, but I love my white denim. It makes me sad every year on labor day that people think you have to fold these up and shove them in the back of your closet until springtime rolls around. There are SO many great ways that you can style white denim for the fall and winter and make them look great! I’ll be honest with you, most of my motivation to take white denim into the fall with me is that it’s so hot here in Texas, you can’t really wear them during the summer. People who can wear long pants when it’s 105 degrees out baffle me. The only time I can get away with it is if I know I won’t be stepping outside for even one moment when I’m at work. But anyways, back to the white denim! I have shown you three very different ways to style those white pants of yours all through the fall and winter!

Style #1: A chambray shirt goes with anything, so it just makes sense. Add some boots and a fall handbag and you’ve got yourself a fall outfit:) Don’t forget to accessorize with gold or something jewel toned!

Style #2: First of all, plaid is HUGE this fall, so these shoes alone will help your cause:) To me, red and black just seem like a fall/winter combination, you don’t see much of it during the summer months. Top it all off with a denim jacket and you’re good to go for chilly weather. You could even throw on a black leather jacket if you wanted to keep up with the red and black combo.

Style #3: Yellow is one of my favorite colors, so it’s fitting that mustard is my favorite for fall. This whole option just SCREAMS fall to me. The jewel tones, the brown booties, and the wooden jewelry…. it’s a fall lovers dream!
See! You can style your white denim for the colder months. Anyone who tells you otherwise just hasn’t figured it out yet. Now, go to your closet and pick out a fall inspired, white denim outfit, you rebel you!

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Chambray & Stripes

Belted chambray shirt with pencil skirt

The weekend just goes by too quickly. Friday night my parents came in to town and we FINALLY took them to Hopdoddy, our favorite restaurant here in Austin. If you have never been, you should definitely check it out, don’t let that long line deter you!! It is totally worth the wait! If you go early enough, or for an early lunch on the weekend the line isn’t that bad…but like I said, totally worth the wait. Saturday morning we went to the Barton Creek farmer’s market. We got some really great produce and some fresh made salsa which is spectacular I might add. We also got some fruit glaze that I hope to put on salmon later this week (recipe to come!)

Ways to wear a chambray shirt Black and white with chambray Black and white striped skirt with chambray shirt Chambray with black and white striped pencil skirt Black, white, and gold handbag with stripes Chambray with a pencil skirt Black and white striped skirt with chambray Austin, TX Tile Wall Austin, TXGet The Look:
Ross Skirt/ Target Chambray/ Charming Charlie Wedges/ Kisspat Necklace/ Charming Charlie Handbag/ Aldo Sunglasses/Delias Belt

Similar Styles:

I got a new chambray shirt last week and I just couldn’t wait to wear it even though it’s 100 degrees outside. I wanted one that was a little bit nicer looking than my old one. I still love that one, but its a bit more casual than I would like to wear with some of my skirts and dressier outfits. This one is super comfy and looks awesome with a skinny belt! I plan to wear this outfit well into the fall, and when/if it gets chilly this winter I can add  some pretty colorful tights to it.

I thought this wall was pretty awesome! I saw it when we were riding around the city one time a few weeks ago. I love driving through all of the neighborhoods around Austin, they are all so different and there are some really cool homes and restaurants. This one is right outside of Little Deli in the Crestview neighborhood up in North Austin.

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Bring On Spring

Pink hi low skirt and chambray

Hi Lovelies!

The weather is beautiful and I even though I have been breaking out the spring clothes on and off for a few weeks now, I think I can say that it is officially springtime in Texas! Woohoo! I found these wedges on Target’s website and knew that I had to have some new ones for this summer. I am so glad I bought them, because they go with everything! I love that gold bar down the center….gives it a little extra something something:) This skirt was a part of my birthday outfit last summer and the weather just seemed perfect for bringing out an old summer favorite:)

Magenta Hi low skirt with a chambray top Hi Low skirt with button down top Chambray with pink and tan Magenta and chambray Chambray shirt with magenta skirt Hi Low skirt with a cute tan clutch Chambray with bronze jeweleryGet The Look:

Chambray: Target, Skirt: Target, Necklace: Charming Charlie (Similar), Earrings: Vintage, Headband: Charming Charlie, Sunglasses: Aldo, Wedges: Target, Clutch: Nordstrom Rack (Similar), Belt: Francesca’s

I usually go home for lunch so that I can spend less money on food and a little extra time with my puppy. I actually had the chance to sit in the sun and get a tan started while I was lunching yesterday, I was so excited! I sat on the back patio book in hand, puppy on lap, straps down, and sunglasses up just catchin’ some rays. I hope for your sake it’s warm where you are too! If not, come on down to Austin, it’s beautiful!

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A Red & White Scarf As A Headband!

Red pants and chambray

Hi Lovelies!

It’s supposed to be nice here today, so I am excited! Though, I have to say, the weatherman has been EXTREMELY wrong lately so we shall see. They only seem to be right 30% of the time, which is stupid to me, what other jobs do you know of who can do it correctly 30% of the time and still get paid?! None! Well, here’s to hoping that it will be as spring-like today as my outfit is J The scarf used as a headband is what really does it for me, it makes the whole ensemble feel like a warm weather outfit.

Red and white striped head scarf Wearing a scarf as a headband Red and Chambray Studded leather purseRed and white scarf as a headband Chambray with red and white stripes Red and white striped headscarf Chambray red and white Chambray with red pantsGet The Look:

Chambray: Target (Similar), Pants: New York and Company (Similar), Boots: Charming Charlie (Similar), Scarf: c/o Luxe & Boutique, Necklace/Earrings/Spike Bracelet: Charming Charlie, Infinity Bracelet: Aldo (Similar here and here, Handbag: Bebe, Sunglasses: Aldo

Similar Styles:

I wrote THIS post last fall about tying scarves and I might need to add this way to my list! I love the way it hangs down into my hairJ We’ll have to see how many more ways I can think up to tie this little baby. I smell a new post on the horizon….

What’s your favorite way to tie a scarf for the springtime?

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A Wishlist….Or Three…

Hi Lovelies!

The holidays are approaching and I have been bombarded with requests for a “Christmas list”. I never have any idea what to tell people when they ask me this. I don’t really NEED anything….I just WANT everything:) Hehe! So today, I have put together a few lists. A reasonable wish list, an unreasonable wishlist, and a practical wishlist:)

1. The Reasonable Wishlist

I call this the reasonable wishlist because it’s really just an outfit from Target. Target is pretty reasonably priced, so therefore, you get the “reasonable” wishlist! Target is a HUGE problem for me. There are 2 within a mile of my work and it is bad news bears when I have nothing to do on my lunch break. This wishlist will most likely change weekly from now until Christmas, but for right NOW this is what I wish I could buy/get from Target!

2. The Unreasonable Wishlist

Unreasonable because it is expensive. Well, maybe not expensive, but expensive for what the items really are. So, I am not one for designer labels…I pretty much own a Coach crossbody and wallet that I got in high school and that is the extent of my designer collection. BUT, recently I discovered Kate Spade’s gold dot agenda…and by discovered I mean I bought it. This has opened a can of worms for me…..I haven’t bought anything else…yet….but I have started a Kate Spade wishlist that includes anything with gold dots on it. LOL! The only thing I think I would consider actually buying are the shoes….though I cannot justify to myself spending $75 on Keds. Meh.

3. The Practical Wishlist

Now, some people may not call this one practical….but it is much more practical than the previous two! The hubby and I just invested in a brand new king sized bed and we need some pretty decorative items to go with it. AKA we need to redecorate the entire room! Same sort of color scheme, but prettier. I am in LOVE with that polka dot flannel blanket set…..

Teal and Grey Bedroom

What is on your holiday “wishlist” this year?

Until tomorrow…

xox Megan

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