All 12 Days Of Christmas Crafts

12 days of Christmas Crafts

Hi Lovelies!

I  hope everyone enjoyed the 12 days of Christmas crafts here on All That Glitters! I know it’s not something that you usually see here, being a fashion blog, but I want to thank everyone for all of their support! I love to craft and it was nice to be able to display them here for all of you to see:) I have put together a collage of all 12 crafts and links to them to make theme easier to find! Feel free to pin them, share them, make them, etc. If you do feel the urge to make one, go ahead and put your link in the comments, because I would love to see everyone’s creations! Have a wonderful holiday!

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Merry Christmas! See you Thursday!

xox Megan
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12 Days Of Christmas Crafts Day 4: Merry & Bright

12 days of Christmas Crafts

Hi Lovelies!

Welcome to day 3 of Christmas crafts! Today I am going to show you a pretty simple craft, but when displayed correctly it can be SO cute! I made this sign to go above the food at our Christmas party on Friday!

I started by cutting the green pieces of card stock into squares and rounding off the edges with scissors. I then printed the red letters from MS Word and cut them into squares a 1/2 an inch smaller than the green paper. I rounded out the corners with scissors and then glued the letters onto the green card stock. I used a 2 hole punch to make the holes in the top of each square and then strung the gold ribbon through them. When I taped the ribbon to the wall I placed the letters where they belonged and used tape to keep them in place on the ribbon. I then made these ornaments out of paper to decorate in the center. I will show you how to make these ornaments later on this week!

DIY: Merry and Bright Sign

Stay tuned for more Christmas crafts every day until Christmas Eve!

Until next time…

xox Megan

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