Peach and Mint Shift

Coral Shift Dress

This dress makes me happy. Not just because it’s super cute….it’s much more than that. I bought this dress over a year ago online. When I received it, it was tight on me. I loved it, and as we always do I kept it for “when I loose weight.” Well, that didn’t happen for months…and then it was past the return policy and it just sat in my closet. I reached for it back in July when I was packing for a friends wedding weekend and decided that I would try it on again just in case. It fits! It actually fits! This is the glory of loosing 23 pounds! Yes, you read that right….since April, I have lost 23 pounds! It’s the little things like fitting into your new favorite dress, or weighing less than you did when you got married….those are the things that make this healthy living thing worth it for me:) That, and just feeling so much better about life in general!Peach and Mint Shift DressPeach and Mint OUtfitPeach and Mint Lulus dressPeach and mint dress with gold accessoriesMint and peach floral shift dressCoral and Mint Shift DressCoral and Mint Shift Dress

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Lulu’s Shift Dress  //  Target Wedges & Sunglasses  //  Charming Charlie Bracelets  //  Kendra Scott Earrings  //  Kate Spade Mrs Necklace

If you’re curious about how I lost my first 13 pounds, you can read about the Whole30 here. Since then I have been working out and eating Whole30 during the week. I let myself have things I probably shouldn’t on weekends and usually regret it (lol), but I have continued to loose weight pretty consistently and I think it has a lot to do with not completely depriving myself. I will be writing a whole post on my weight loss once I reach 25 pounds, so stay tuned!:)

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An Outfit For $25

Coral dress with southwestern style headband

Hi Lovelies!

Happy hump day! Today is all about bargain hunting, and I LOVE a good bargain. When I can get an entire outfit for $25 I am a happy girl! When my cousin moved to Austin last month one of the first places I took her to was Sam Moon. We found way too many awesome things there, but this dress and headband are what I ended up with. The dress was $18 and the headband $7. With a few fun pieces from my existing wardrobe, I had an entire outfit for $25! If you haven’t been to Sam Moon yet, you should go…and if they don’t have one by you, go to the website. And, for the record, no…this isn’t sponsored by Sam Moon, I just really like the store:)

Coral dress with low back Coral dress with southwestern style headband Coral dress with southwestern style headband Coral dress with low back Coral dress with southwestern style headband Coral dress with low backGet The Look:
Sam Moon Dress/ Target Wedges/ Target Belt/ Charming Charlie Clutch/ Charming Charlie Necklace/ Sam Moon Headband

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