Southwestern Style

Hi Lovelies!

Is anyone else dying of allergies right now? I don’t know what it is about this state, but my allergies KILL me all the time. Maybe it’s the fact that nothing ever dies because it doesn’t get cold enough. Well, whatever it is, It’s sooo bad. I’m going to take an allergy test on Monday, but the catch is that I can’t take any type of medication until then. So, don’t mind me…I’ll just be over here dying.

Today’s outfit is something I saw on Lulu’s instagram and bought about 5 minutes later. I don’t care if it goes out of style next fall, or 10 years from now….I love aztec print.

Southwest style

Aztec print sweater

Southwest sweater and Kate Spade

Aztec print cardigan

Southwestern sweater

Kate Spade and combat boots
Get The Look:
Sweater:, Denim: H&M, Combat Boots:, Tank top: Target, Necklace: Charming Charlie, Sunglasses: Aldo, Purse: Kate Spade from Nordtrom Rack

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I hope everyone has a wonderful hump day!

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Anchors And Stripes And Bows Oh My!

Hi Lovelies!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! We had a friend come in to town with her fiance last minute, so we hung out with them all day Saturday…doing the general Saturday day drinking types of things:) Sunday was relaxing, even though I was supposed to do about a million things…I got probably one of them done. I think I’m okay with that though:) I’m definitely getting better at just letting things go and living life as it comes, instead of freaking out when I don’t do all 15 things on my to do list for the weekend. It’s going to be a good year, I can tell already:)

Now let’s talk about the outfit. This sweater was on the mannequin right when I walked into Charming Charlie and it was screaming my name. I don’t know about you….but bows are my thing right now. Add some stripes and an anchor, well that’s just perfection!

Blue striped sweater with red bag

Striped bows with a red crossbody

  Blue stripes and anchors

Blue stripes with red crossbody

Red crossbody with blue accessories

Blue and white sweater with bows

Red white and blue

Nautical Themed

Get The Look:
Sweater: Charming Charlie, Denim: H&M, Boots: Charming Charlie, Crossbody: Charming Charlie, Necklace & Bracelets: Charming Charlie, Sunglasses: Aldo

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I really love this whole look, the colors and the anchors make me want for it to be summer again. I guess I’ll have to settle for the 65-70 degree weather we’re supposed to have for at least the next 10 days. <sigh> Oh darn! Haha!

How was your weekend?

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With A Flower In Her Hair…

Hi Lovelies!

I have seen headbands worn across the forehead like this everywhere over the past year or so, and I always think that the girl wearing them looks SO cute. I always say that I am going to try it someday, and then I never do it. Probably because I am convinced that I will look dumb and people will think I’m insane. Well, today I’m going to share my first attempt with you! I picked this headband up at Charming Charlie last spring when all of their sale items were 5 for $5….it has taken me almost a year to build up the courage to ACTUALLY wear it. So here goes nothing…

Pink tunic and flower headband

Forehead headband

Peach shirt with flower headband

Pink floral headband

Peach tunic with floral headband

Flower headband

And flowers in your hair
Get The Look:
Denim: H&M (do you see a trend here), Tunic: Target, Clutch & Headband: Charming Charlie, Pearls: Vintage, Bracelets: Charming Charlie, Flats: Payless

Similar Items:

I’m not sure that I would wear one every day, but I think the headband is fun. It gives the entire outfit a whole different feel….and I just felt like a pretty girl with flowers in her hair:) What kind of trends have you wanted to, but been afraid to try?

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PS: How do you like my new glittery Bloglovin’ button down below? I love it!

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On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

Hi Lovelies!

Happy hump-day! Today’s outfit is fitting being that it’s Wednesday and my outfit is pink:) The funny part about this pink top, is that it is one of my “going out” tank tops. The back has a cut out and looks really cute with a bandeau, it’s also pretty sheer by itself. So, I decided to take my “going out” top and make it a little classier and almost professional for you! Well, let’s be honest…add a blazer to anything and it will look 10 times classier. So here you have it, my nighttime look turned daytime:

Pink and Black with aztec

Pink and Black with aztec

Pink and Black with aztec

Pink and Black with aztec

Pink and Black with aztec

Pink and Black with aztec

Pink and Black with aztecGet The Look:
Top: Charming Charlie
Denim: H&M
Shoes: So old I don’t remember
Blazer: Target
Clutch: Charming Charlie
Sunglasses: Aldo
Necklace: Charming Charlie

What is your favorite way to change an outfit from night to day?

Until tomorrow…

xox Megan

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A Little Scarf Goes A Long Way

Hi Lovelies!

This scarf if one of my fabulous finds from New York City. I spent a grand total of $5 on it! Yeah, that’s right, $5…I am such a good bargain hunter! I saw one just like it on Pinterest and knew exactly what I was looking for when I was walking around the city shopping.I love how something as simple as a scarf can make an entire outfit seem less plain.









Twirl A LittleGet The Look:
Denim: H&M
Cardigan: Target
Scarf & Sunnies: Chinatown, NYC
Bracelets & Watch: Charming Charlie
Ring: Kohls
Clutch: Bebe (years ago)
Hair comb: Charming Charlie
Boots: Charming Charlie

I love this grey and pink combination. I saw a couple of outfits on Pinterest (here) with this color scheme and I fell in love. When I saw this scarf I knew I needed the pink one:)

What color combinations are you loving right now?

Until tomorrow…

xox Megan

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