All 12 Days Of Christmas Crafts

12 days of Christmas Crafts

Hi Lovelies!

I  hope everyone enjoyed the 12 days of Christmas crafts here on All That Glitters! I know it’s not something that you usually see here, being a fashion blog, but I want to thank everyone for all of their support! I love to craft and it was nice to be able to display them here for all of you to see:) I have put together a collage of all 12 crafts and links to them to make theme easier to find! Feel free to pin them, share them, make them, etc. If you do feel the urge to make one, go ahead and put your link in the comments, because I would love to see everyone’s creations! Have a wonderful holiday!

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Merry Christmas! See you Thursday!

xox Megan
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12 Days Of Christmas Crafts Day 8: Scrabble Tile Ornaments

12 days of Christmas CraftsHi Lovelies!

There is officially less than a week until Christmas and I get more and more excited as the days go on! You know what that means…I just get more and more crafty! Haha! I saw today’s craft on another blog through Pinterest the other day, and knew I just had to make it! It’s super easy and I already had all of the materials.

To begin you will need a glue gun, ribbon (I used left overs from the ribbon wreath I made), Scrabble tiles, and a lighter!

Scrabble Ornaments

Once you have all of your supplies, pick out the words you want to make with the Scrabble letters!

Scrabble Ornaments1

Scrabble Ornaments3

Brush the lighter along the end of the ribbon to stop it from fraying. Then, one by one, hot glue the Scrabble letters on to the ribbon. Before you glue down the last letter, make a loop with the ribbon and hot glue it to itself.

Step by Step Scrabble Ornament Instructions

Then place the first letter of the word on top of the looped ribbon.

Merry Scrabble Ornament

Scrabble Ornaments7

Christmas Scrabble Ornaments

There you have it, Scrabble Christmas ornaments! Easy, fast, fun, and definitely GREAT for the kiddos! Any questions? Ask them below!

Until next time…

xox Megan

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