Easy Tomato Mozzarella Garlic Bread

Easy Tomato Mozzarella Garlic Bread

Hi Lovelies!

I haven’t shared a recipe with y’all in quite some time, so I thought today would be a good day to do so! I saw this somewhere on the internet…ok, let’s be realistic it was probably on Pinterest, but I can’t seem to find the one I had originally seen. I made it about 2 months ago and we have been making it A LOT since. I won’t lie to you, there have been nights when we didn’t feel like cooking and made JUST this bread. Yes, it’s that good.

-Bread (we used country french from HEB)
-Garlic spread (again HEB, but I’m sure you could find it at your local store too, or you can follow this recipe)
-Fresh mozzarella (expensive, but worth EVERY penny!)
-Grape or cherry tomatoes

Tomato Mozzarella Garlic Bread.jpg

Spread the garlic spread onto your bread of choice.
Cut fresh mozzarella into thin slices and place on top of garlic spread.
Cut tomatoes in half (or thirds if they are big) and place on top of mozzarella.

Mozzarella Garlic Bread with tomatoes.jpg

Toast it in the oven at 350 degrees until mozzarella is melted, tomatoes are cooked, and the edges of the bread are crisp. This should be around 20 minutes depending on your oven.

Garlic bread with mozzarella and tomatoes

There you have it, the easiest homemade garlic bread ever. It would be fabulous with some pasta or as a warm appetizer at a party!


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One Pot Tomato Basil Pasta


Hi Lovelies!

I have seen this recipe floating around Pinterest a lot lately, and decided that I needed to give it a try! I have to say I was a little worried that it would turn into a Pinterest Fail…but it was SO good and SO easy! I would say it is definitely a Pinterest win!




One Pot Tomato Basil Pasta:


  • 1 box fettuccine pasta
  • 1 package cherry tomatoes
  • 1 onion
  • 4 cloves garlic
  • 32oz vegetable broth
  • 8oz frozen spinach
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • Basil and Oregano to taste

Step by step:

  1. Cut cherry tomatoes in half, dice onions, and thinly slice garlic
  2. Break pasta in half and place in large pan
  3. Place all cut vegetables in same pan
  4. Pour your spinach into pan (no need to thaw)
  5. Pour in vegetable broth and olive oil
  6. Season with basil and oregano
  7. Turn up the heat so that the concoction is boiling
  8. Stir every few minutes, but never let it stop boiling
  9. Once the mixture has boiled down completely, it is ready!

This is fabulously simple! You literally let it boil for 10-15 minutes and the starches from the pasta, as well as the tomatoes, etc. form this amazing sauce! I will definitely being doing this again soon!


Now, for the bread in the last picture! I went to HEB and bought a ciabatta loaf and spread butter on it. (I was going to use garlic butter, but HEB didn’t have any. I would have gone elsewhere, but it was a lazy Sunday…and it was Harry Potter weekend on ABC Family…I wasn’t going anywhere else.) I thinly sliced a little garlic and put it on top of the butter. I then put some sliced tomatoes and real mozzarella slices on top and baked it in the oven until it was a little crispy and the cheese was melted. This was ALSO fantastic!

Not to toot my own horn or anything…but I am a damn good cook when Pinterest gives me the recipe:) Haha! I hope you all enjoy and FOR SURE give it a try!

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