Finding My Motivation

Floral skirt with black topHi Lovelies!

I got this skirt on sale on and was SO excited that they had my size. Now, 2 months later, this is the first time I have worn it. I do this all the time! I get so excited for something and then when it comes in I ignore it for 2 months. Now, after wearing it, I don’t know why I waited so long! It’s so cute and the colors are so bright and fun!

Floral skirt with black top Floral skirt with black top Floral skirt with black top Floral skirt with black top Floral skirt with black topGet The Look:
Target Skirt (Currently Unavailable), JCPenney Top (Similar), Charlotte Russe Wedges (Similar), Sam Moon Necklace, Nordstrom Rack Clutch, Charming Charlie Bracelets, Charming Charlie Polka Dot Sunglasses (Similar)

Time is flying by way too quickly these days! I feel like it was yesterday that I was in Galveston running my half marathon, but it was more than a month ago! That being said, that month has been really bad for me in terms of working out and eating right. Every time I see someone running through my neighborhood I get all antsy to go for a run, and I am determined that this is the week I will get back on the horse and stay there! I haven’t been terrible, but I have definitely NOT been good! It’s starting to get pretty hot here in Austin, so I m going to have to start going on my runs before work when it is still cooler outside.

How do y’all find the motivation to wake up in the early morning and take a run (or go to the gym)?!

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Horizontal Stripes Are Not The Enemy

Black and white striped skirtHi Lovelies!

Here’s to hoping that today is a better day than yesterday in terms of EVERYTHING. It was just one of those days yesterday. I was so unproductive…I am going to blame the weather. When it’s gloomy and cold outside Megan doesn’t do very well with motivation. Everything was just off yesterday: the weather was awful, my ankle hurt, I didn’t feel very good, it was just a blah day. Heres to a better day today! Woohoo!

Black and white striped skirt with black peplum and gold pops Black and white chevron earrings Black and white skirt with peplum top Black and white skirt with kitten heels Black top with red lips Black and white skirt with gold accessore=ies Black and White Kate SpadeGet The Look:
Top: Forever 21 (Similar), Skirt: Ross (Similar), Bag: Nordstrom Rack, Shoes: Payless, Necklace & Earrings: Charming Charlie, Sunglasses: Aldo, Bracelet: Charming Charlie

Similar Styles:

I really wasn’t excited about this skirt when I tried it on because of the whole ‘horizontal stripes make you look fat’ thing, but I am really glad I didn’t listen to my instincts this time! I love this skirt! It’s really comfortable for a pencil skirt and it goes with pretty much anything. If you remember a while ago I styled it here with a polka dot shirt and some yellow accessories and it looked fab then too!  I would totally wear this look with some black tights and a cardigan for work, or as is to go out with the girls on Friday night:) Versatile outfits are my best friend:)

How would you style a striped pencil skirt?

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Springtime Is Here, In Aztec

Aztec dress with southern shirt

Hi Lovelies!

Oh my goodness is it beautiful here in the state of Texas. This….this is the reason I moved to this wonderful state:) You can’t beat 75 and sunny on a Sunday in February. So, to celebrate my lovely state, I’m going a little bit southern with my oufit today. This dress is so comfortable and is one of my favorites, but I always seem to wear it with a black cardigan and some sandals. I have been wanting to find a way to wear it that isn’t quite so plain jane, and I think I finally did.

Aztec dress and cowboy boots with southern shirtAztec dress with shirt over Southern shirt Aztec dress and cowboy boots with southern shirt Aztec print and cowboy bootsGet The Look:
Dress: So old I don’t remember, Shirt: Charming Charlie, Boots: Francesca’s, Bracelet: Charming Charlie, Kate Spade: Nordstrom Rack, Sunglasses: Aldo, Necklace: c/o Bourbon and Boots

Similar Styles:

This outfit was a little out of my comfort zone. I usually go for things a little more girlie and a little less “hipster”…but hey, I live in Austin, right?

Have you tried anything out of your comfort zone lately?

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A Wishlist….Or Three…

Hi Lovelies!

The holidays are approaching and I have been bombarded with requests for a “Christmas list”. I never have any idea what to tell people when they ask me this. I don’t really NEED anything….I just WANT everything:) Hehe! So today, I have put together a few lists. A reasonable wish list, an unreasonable wishlist, and a practical wishlist:)

1. The Reasonable Wishlist

I call this the reasonable wishlist because it’s really just an outfit from Target. Target is pretty reasonably priced, so therefore, you get the “reasonable” wishlist! Target is a HUGE problem for me. There are 2 within a mile of my work and it is bad news bears when I have nothing to do on my lunch break. This wishlist will most likely change weekly from now until Christmas, but for right NOW this is what I wish I could buy/get from Target!

2. The Unreasonable Wishlist

Unreasonable because it is expensive. Well, maybe not expensive, but expensive for what the items really are. So, I am not one for designer labels…I pretty much own a Coach crossbody and wallet that I got in high school and that is the extent of my designer collection. BUT, recently I discovered Kate Spade’s gold dot agenda…and by discovered I mean I bought it. This has opened a can of worms for me…..I haven’t bought anything else…yet….but I have started a Kate Spade wishlist that includes anything with gold dots on it. LOL! The only thing I think I would consider actually buying are the shoes….though I cannot justify to myself spending $75 on Keds. Meh.

3. The Practical Wishlist

Now, some people may not call this one practical….but it is much more practical than the previous two! The hubby and I just invested in a brand new king sized bed and we need some pretty decorative items to go with it. AKA we need to redecorate the entire room! Same sort of color scheme, but prettier. I am in LOVE with that polka dot flannel blanket set…..

Teal and Grey Bedroom

What is on your holiday “wishlist” this year?

Until tomorrow…

xox Megan

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Mustard: Two Ways

Hi Lovelies,

Last night’s party was a hit! That being said, I am exhausted and alas, I do not have an outfit post for you today. Sorry! What I do have for you is two wonderful ways to wear mustard this fall. Yellow is one of my favorite colors (right behind pink) and it makes me so happy that this shade allows for yellow to be taken in to fall!  I really want to recreate this black and white look when I go to NYC in a few weeks. Oh, by the way, I am going to NYC in a few weeks! Yeah, nice way to sneak that in there….don’t be too jealous:) I will be sure to take millions of pictures and update you all on how the trip is when I get back! So, anyways, outfit #1…super comfortable, but still cute and fashionable:

Mustard with black and white

Mustard with black and white by allthatglitters810 featuring a statement necklace

Outfit #2 brings in a little bit of navy. Which, in my opinion, looks absolutely perfect with mustard. Love this one too…

Mustard and Navy

How do you plan to wear mustard this fall?

Oh oh, and don’t forget that today is the 3rd birthday of this AWESOME website called Groopdealz. I know I mentioned them earlier this week, but if you haven’t been to the site yet, you really need to go check them out here. They have some really great stuff, fashion AND otherwise for really great prices! For their birthday, Groopdealz is having a huge giveaway…think iMac computers, Nikon cameras, Kitchen Aid mixers…..Yeah, I know…get excited! All you have to do is click HERE to enter. You can also gain extra entries by liking Groopdealz on Facebook or following them on Instagram.

GroopDealz Giveaway

This is my absolute favorite item on their site right now….the Olivia Jane Midi Skirt. I am in LOVE. This entire outfit is absolute perfection actually….and the skirt, only $22! You know I like cobalt and you KNOW I love good deal…..:)

Blue Polka Dot Middie Groopdealz

Well, I think it’s not time for you all to go enter the contest and win an entire home office…If you win will you share with me? Pretty please! :)

Until next time…
xox Megan

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