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Believe There Is Good In The WorldHappy Sunday! Today is a special day in the fitness world, Active Nation Day! If you have never heard of Active Nation Day, its a movement created by Lorna Jane (one of my recent favorite active wear designers) that is all about helping women live an authentic and active life. There are events all over the world where you can participate in learning one of Lorna Jane’s specially choreographed fitness routines! I really wish there was an event near me because I love group fitness, you can check here to see if there is one happening near you! Don’t worry if there isn’t an event near you, you can join in with the fun no matter where you are!

Want to get involved? First, download the FREE Lorna Jane app. I have been using it for a few weeks now to track my bootcamp activities and my runs. I love it! (Find it here for Android and here for iPhone) You can use the app to track your activity on Active Nation Day and you earn badges that will unlock discounts from Lorna Jane!Lorna Jane Active App

There is also this really awesome section called the “Believe” section. It has all sorts of awesome motivational quotations to help pump you up before your work outs:) I have even used a few of them for backgrounds on my phone!

Lorna Janes Motivational Quotations

There’s one more way you can join in on Active Nation Day, and thats the #LJMove competition. All you have to do is go here to learn the LJ move and then upload a photo or video of yourself doing the move to Instagram or Twitter! When you post, be sure to hastag #LJMove and #ActiveNationDay and tag a friend to enter the competition too! If your picture or video is chosen you could win a $1000 Lorna Jane gift card! I would probably go crazy with a $1000 gift card…I mean, with adorable active tanks like this one who wouldn’t?Think, Act, Be Positive

Active Nation Day is just one day of the year, but it was made to remind you that being active every day is a must! The app is a great way to stay motivated and track your progress. So, go get set up with the app and don’t forget to track your movement today to get discounts on Lorna Jane merchandise!

Motivational Quotations

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Nourish Your Life

Nourish Cookbook by Lorna Jane

Hi Lovelies!

If you haven’t heard of Lorna Jane Clarkson yet, you really should go and check her stuff out. Her athletic brand is fantastic, and she has one of the most wonderful outlooks on life I have ever seen. I found Lorna Jane through the Sweat Pink Ambassador program that I am a member of and I am thankful all the time that I did! She has been a HUGE inspiration in my journey to being healthy. I love her outlook on life and her goals for her company. In her words,

“I know my life will change me, shape me, and ultimately define me. I also know that the more I believe, the more that is possible. I am determined to make my time on this planet truly count for something by inspiring women towards active living.”

Active living, in Lorna Jane’s eyes, is summed up by her motto, “Move, Nourish, Believe”. It involves moving your body every day, nourishing your body with delicious food, and believing that anything is possible if you are willing to work for it. This really sums up everything that I believe as well. If I am active, eat well, and believe that I have the strength to get through those work outs and control what I put in my body, my life will be infinitely better.

It's you who decides what you eat

I was sent a copy of Lorna Jane’s new cookbook, Nourish, in exchange for a review and I really enjoyed the read. It is more than just a bunch of healthy recipes, there are some great tips and a lot of motivation to go along with those wonderful meals. I had the opportunity to prepare a few of the recipes and wanted to share them with you! The first one I fell in love with at first sight was the Oat and Berry Stuffed Peaches.

Grilled Peaches Recipe

Oat And Berry Stuffed Peaches

I changed mine up a little bit from the original recipe since I didn’t have some of the ingredients. I also grilled mine instead of baking them, but the basic gist of the recipe is still there:)

Grilled Peaches with Oats and Berries


½ cup rolled oats
¹/2 cup fresh blueberries (Original recipe called for dried cranberries and blueberries)
1 tablespoon agave nectar (Original recipe called for raw honey)
1 tablespoon cold-pressed extra-virgin coconut oil
1 tablespoon ground cinnamon
2 large peaches, halved, pits removed
Frozen yogurt- optional (Original recipe called for greek-style yogurt)

Peaches and Oats


    1. The original recipe was for baked peaches, but being July and the perfect weather for grilling, I decided to grill mine:) Both are equally delicious…mine just gave me a little bit more time to enjoy my backyard and a little less heat in my already hot house!
    2. I cut the peaches in half and removed the pit, then sprinkles ground cinnamon on each side and placed them on the grill.
    3. Let them grill on each side for 5 minutes.
    4. While the peaches are grilling mix together the oats, blueberries, agave nectar, and coconut oil.
    5. Bake oat concoction for 10 minutes.
    6. Once peaches are tender, remove from grill and place in a bowl. Sprinkle the oat and blueberry bake on top.
    7. Enjoy as is, or serve with a scoop of vanilla or berry frozen yogurt.

Grilled Peaches with Frozen YogurtI have actually grilled peaches before and loved them, but the oat and blueberry bake on the top gave it that extra little oomf that it really needed! I would definitely recommend this one and it would be perfect for kids too! If you are curious as to when peaches, blueberries, or any other fruit/vegetable are in season check the chart below and get a sneak peek at the cook book!

Fruits and Vegetables- Seasonal Eating

The second recipe I knew I had to try was for the Immunity Tonic. I am that person who has a terrible immune system and am always looking for ways to keep myself healthy. While in college I was sick all.the.time! It has gotten better, but I still don’t have time to get sick, and really who wants to be sick? No one. This tonic tasted great and it was super simple to make!

Immunity TONIC

Immunity Tonic


Orange juice
Fresh ginger
Manuka honey


Whisk ½ cup freshly squeezed orange juice with a1/2 inch grated piece of fresh ginger, 2 teaspoons manuka honey
and 1/2 inch grated piece of fresh turmeric in a small jug until combined.
Pour into serving glasses or bottles

I really enjoyed all of Lorna Jane’s input, as well as the pictures and quotations. She has some great insight into how to live healthy and about living life to it’s fullest. I would highly recommend the book to anyone wanting to change their lifestyle and become more healthy, but especially to women. Stay tuned, because I will be sure to post more recipes from the book as I get around to making them!

Take care of what you feed yourself

Do you want to win a free copy of NOURISH? All you have to do is come to the Twitter party with the Sweat Pink Community and Lorna Jane tonight at 8PM CST! Follow along with the #LiveLoveNourish hashtag or you can check  out @LornaJaneActive and @FitApproach to keep up with the topics. 10 wonderful participants will win a free copy of the cookbook and 1 lucky winner will get the cookbook AND a $150 Lorna Jane gift card! Go to the Facebook event to get more information! Want a copy now, go here to order it today!

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**I was provided an electronic copy of the Nourish cookbook, as well as a gift card for review purposes. All opinions are my own and I would never endorse something I didn’t love myself.**

Uniquely Lorna Jane

Lorna Jane Reflective Jacket

Hi Lovelies!

Oh my goodness has the weather been great these past few days! It has been sunny and beautiful and has just made me beyond happy. Well, today is the first official day of spring, so I guess the good weather came about just in time! As most of you know, I am training for a half marathon in April. It is less than a month away at this point, and I am freaking out. I ran 8 miles (yes, all at one time) this past week and I was actually fine, but all I kept thinking was that in the race I was going to have to run 5.1 more miles after that. I think I’ll be fine, I have been training hard, but I still have a little anxiety that I’m going to trip and fall, break my leg, or stop breathing at some point in those 13.1 miles.

One thing that has really helped me through this whole process is my work out gear. Yes, I know it’s girlie and silly, but the thought of getting new clothes, whether it’s for fun or running, just makes me happy. So, when Lorna Jane contacted me about trying their new Uniquely Lorna Jane line, I just about peed myself. (Another fear for race day…I am going to have to pee in that 13.1 miles I just know it!) The line is so much fun and all of the items are so versatile you could wear them out running or at the gym and then cross them over into your other activities.

Lorna Jane silver reflective jacket Lorna Jane pants with a little pocket Lorna Jane windbreaker Uniquely Lorna Jane Outfit**This post was sponsored by Lorna Jane Active. As always, all opinions are my own, I wouldn’t endorse something I didn’t love.**

Get The Look:
Amy 3/4 Tights: c/o Lorna Jane, Reflect Active Jacket: c/o Lorna Jane, Seamless Tank Top: bebe sport, Shoes: New Balance from DSW, Water Bottle: Camelbak from Amazon, Sunglasses: Aldo, Headband: Hobby Lobby, Infinity Necklace: Christmas gift from Wes

The Amy 3/4 tights are my favorite. They aren’t full tights so I can wear them all through the year! I can’t do shorts when running long distances, I don’t have this “thigh gap” everyone keeps talking about and running 8 miles with your thighs touching…not cool. Capris like these are the only way to go for me, and this one even has a handy little pocket to put your money, keys, ID, anything you could want in.

The reflect active jacket is perfect for running on those cooler brisk mornings, or a weekend like last one where we had 20mph winds! It breaks the wind and you don’t feel one ounce of the chill, yet it’s not so heavy that you sweat in it. I also love that it’s reflective! Now with daylight savings time its darker in the mornings and the cars will be able to see you a mile away in this baby! This jacket could also be used for a casual outing with your girlfriends or lunch with the hubby . It’s the perfect add on to give a plain white t shirt a little extra oomph.

You should all join me for a Twitter party with @LornaJaneActive and @FitApproach tonight  at 7PM CST. we’re going to be chatting about fashion and fitness and celebrating the new Uniquely Lorna Jane line! The most active participant will win $150 gift card to Lorna Jane to try out the new line, plus more SweatPink & Uniquely Lorna Jane prizes! You can find out any info you need here!

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Move, Nourish, Believe Challenge: Week 2

Hi Lovelies!

Week 2 of the move, nourish, believe challenge with Lorna Jane and Fit Approach has come to an end. This week was all about nourishing our bodies and getting some great inspiration from each other in terms of food. This week was much harder for me than last week, because not only did I try and complete the challenge, I tried really hard to eat well the rest of the time as well. Let’s say that it all worked out minus Thursday night when we went to BJ’s and got pizza. Oops. Oh well, you mess up you move on, am I right? So, here is my recap of the challenges for the week! To follow along next week head on over to Instagram or Twitter and follow me:)

Monday: Go Meatless!

Today’s challenge was to go meatless. It actually wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I had fruit for breakfast, a salad with no meat for lunch, and pasta without meat for dinner. I love my steak way too much to be an actual vegetarian, but I was fine doing it for the one day.


Tuesday: Take Your Lunch To Work

I go home for my lunch most days so that I can take Sophie out for a little walk, so I didn’t take my lunch to work per say. I did, however, make my lunch instead of grabbing something on the way home. Yummy soup!

Newlywed cookbook

Wednesday: Write it down

I logged my meals today and realized that I do a lot more snacking than I probably should. Thankfully, the snacks aren’t awful, but I really should be eating more fruits and veggies for snacks. I did have a wonderfully fruity breakfast though!

Yummy fruit

Thursday: Smoothie Day

I loved Thursday. Smoothies are my favorite, especially strawberry banana ones! Being Valentine’s week, I had to use one of my red and white paper straws! <3

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Friday: Go Raw!

Today was brutal, and if we are going to be honest I may have cheated just a tiny bit. <oops> We cater lunch every Friday at work and I totally forgot about the raw thing when I ordered my salad and it had cooked corn. My bad. I couldn’t put it to waste though!

Mason jar salad

There you have it! I have to say the raw and meatless days were extra tough for me. I know I wouldn’t be able to commit to these lifestyles, but they are fun to try for a day! Haha! Anyways, to learn more about becoming a Fit Approach Sweat Pink Ambassador like me, click here and go apply! Join me next weekend for my recap of week 3, this week is all about taking care of and pampering yourself! Yay!

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Move, Nourish, Believe Challenge: Week 1

Hi Lovelies!

A you may know from this post last week, I joined in on the fun with Lorna Jane and Fit Approach with their Move, Nourish, Believe Blogger Challenge. Every day you had a different challenge to document via Instagram and/or Twitter and today is my recap of the week! Go follow me on Instagram and Twitter to follow along!

Monday: Sweat It Out

Today’s challenge was to show your favorite way to sweat. Well, lately it has been running and then lifting weights. I’m training for a half marathon in April and have actually gotten really good at running without dying. That’s huge for me, since last summer I absolutely despised running. Some things do change:)

Day 1- Favorite Work Out

Tuesday: Change It Up

Today’s challenge was to pick a new way to sweat and show your after work out selfie. Well, I don’t think anyone wants to see my after workout selfie….I sweat like you wouldn’t believe and I get all red in the face. So, I decided to show off my new #sweatpink gear that I got in the mail right after I got back from the gym instead. I chose to do a HIIT work out as my new way to sweat, and it was intense.

Day 3- After Run Selfie

Wednesday: Let’s Get Planking

Today’s challenge was to plank for 5 minutes. I haven’t done much planking in my life, so this one was much harder for me than I had anticipated. Planking is one rough activity, by 40 seconds I was absolutely shaking. Let’s just say that I had to break this one up throughout the day to actually achieve 5 minutes. I will be doing much more planking in the future, its so great for your core.

Day 2- 5 minutes plank

Thursday: Buddy Up!

Today’s challenge was to work out with a friend. Well, no one that I know in Austin really works out, so I went with Sophie. She’s my favorite running buddy, even though she can only make it about 2 miles before I have to drop her back off at home to rest. By the look on her face, Sophie thought Thursday should have been rest day…she was wrong:)

Day 4- Work out buddy
Friday: Five Fitness Favorites

Today’s challenge was to show my five fitness favorites. Well, I went with all of my work out gear, because new work out clothes are one of my biggest motivators. Who doesn’t love to be pink and pretty while getting their sweat on?

Day 5- Five Fitness  Favorites


I found some really awesome new people to follow on Twitter and Instagram this week through the challenge and also gained some great motivation from all of their posts! Go to the Facebook group to join in the fun next week!

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