Peach and Mint Shift

Coral Shift Dress

This dress makes me happy. Not just because it’s super cute….it’s much more than that. I bought this dress over a year ago online. When I received it, it was tight on me. I loved it, and as we always do I kept it for “when I loose weight.” Well, that didn’t happen for months…and then it was past the return policy and it just sat in my closet. I reached for it back in July when I was packing for a friends wedding weekend and decided that I would try it on again just in case. It fits! It actually fits! This is the glory of loosing 23 pounds! Yes, you read that right….since April, I have lost 23 pounds! It’s the little things like fitting into your new favorite dress, or weighing less than you did when you got married….those are the things that make this healthy living thing worth it for me:) That, and just feeling so much better about life in general!Peach and Mint Shift DressPeach and Mint OUtfitPeach and Mint Lulus dressPeach and mint dress with gold accessoriesMint and peach floral shift dressCoral and Mint Shift DressCoral and Mint Shift Dress

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Lulu’s Shift Dress  //  Target Wedges & Sunglasses  //  Charming Charlie Bracelets  //  Kendra Scott Earrings  //  Kate Spade Mrs Necklace

If you’re curious about how I lost my first 13 pounds, you can read about the Whole30 here. Since then I have been working out and eating Whole30 during the week. I let myself have things I probably shouldn’t on weekends and usually regret it (lol), but I have continued to loose weight pretty consistently and I think it has a lot to do with not completely depriving myself. I will be writing a whole post on my weight loss once I reach 25 pounds, so stay tuned!:)

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Floral With A Floppy Hat

Red dress with straw floppy hat

I had such a great weekend in Dallas with my parents and my sister’s family for my little niece’s 3rd birthday. It just goes by way too quickly. You wait and wait for the day to come and then you blink, it’s over, and you’re driving home to Austin. <sigh> Sophie and I are STILL exhausted, so today’s post is going to be a little shorter than usual. I hope everyone is having a great week so far…see the bottom of the post for outfit deets!:)

Red dress with straw floppy hat Red dress with straw floppy hat Red dress with straw floppy hat Red dress with straw floppy hat Red dress with straw floppy hat Red dress with straw floppy hat Red dress with straw floppy hatGet The Look:

Old Navy Dress  //  Rebecca Minkoff Crossbody  //  Forever 21 Hat  //  Target Wedges  //  Kendra Scott Earrings  //  Charming Charlie Bracelets & Sunglasses

I am actually super behind in posting this outfit. I wore it a few weekends ago and I love how everything goes together! I thought I would only wear this burgundy bag in the fall and winter, but I found an awesome way to wear it during the summer and that makes me happy! Have a wonderful Tuesday! See you next time!

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Stripes & Floral For Easter

This past weekend was so beautiful and so much fun, I was so bummed when Sunday night rolled around. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job….but the weekend is what we all live for, am I right? My best friend came in from Houston to visit, and we ran a 10k on Saturday morning. The rest of the weekend was filled with shopping, food, and gossip. It was a much needed girls weekend that we plan to continue on next weekend when i go visit her in Houston! Her hubby is going out of town for a bachelor party and I’m sure mine will find something to do at home with the dog:) This outfit will be the one I wear on Easter in Houston. We’ll probably go get brunch and have some mimosas before I have to head back to reality here in Austin.
Pastel Easter Outfit Striped-dress-from-Old-Navy Stripes-and-floral-for-spring Seersucker-dress-from-Old-Navy preppy-outfit-for-spring Pastel Floral Blazer Pastel-colors-for-Easter Pastel-floral-and-blue-stripes Preppy-dress-with-blazer-and-wedges Floral-Canvas-Blazer-from-Old-Navy Blue-Striped-dress Blue-Seersucker-dress-with-mint-handbag-and-floral-blazer
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Old Navy Striped Dress  //  Old Navy Floral Linen Blazer  //  Target Wedges  //  Charming Charlie Handbag & Sunglasses  //  Vintage Pearls
When Heather and I went shopping this weekend, we stopped in to Old Navy and I have to say, they are on point so far for spring/summer clothes! We had gone to H&M beforehand and I was SO disappointed that everything seemed to be fall and winter colors still! The second March hits, we Texans are in spring/summer mode and need some BRIGHT colors and sundresses in our lives! Thankfully, Old Navy had both, and I came out with this dress and blazer as well as a few other things I’ll show you over the next few weeks! I picked up the dress first, and then when I saw the blazer I knew exactly what I was going to do with them. It turned out exactly as I had hoped and I am in love:) What will you be wearing for Easter?
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Chicago, Illinois

From the top of a Chicago rooftop

I lived in New York City for a semester during college, and though I always say that I wouldn’t want to live in a big city for the rest of my life, I think I could do Chicago. Ok, so that’s a lie….I hate snow and I hate cold. The city though, I could do the city. At least that’s what I think when I stay in places like the loft we were at last Friday. The first few of these photos are from there, and I think it was the coolest place ever. How awesome would it be to have a rooftop patio to hang out with all of your friends? <sigh> Maybe some day we will be rich and we can afford something like this…in downtown Austin:) Sorry not sorry for the overload of pictures today! Enjoy!Rooftop Patio in Chicago The rooftop patio at the loft.Chicago townhouses Pretty houses in Chicago.Chicago Loft Windows at the loft.Chicago lights

Lights on the rooftop patio.Wedding wear At the wedding ceremony with my friend Adam’s fiance, Heather.Preppy wedding wear I saw these guys in their preppy, classy outfits and knew Bryan and I needed to take a photo with them. I need to get Wes a seersucker suit:)How to dress for a wedding for men Classy bros.Groom Justin, the groom, looking like he has secret service agents.Chicago wedding photo champagne toast Champagne toast after the ceremony.Albion alumni The Albion kiddos at the wedding. We’re a classy bunch.What to wear to a wedding Wes and I.Summer wedding attire My boys, Matt and Bryan. They are like my brothers and I wish we all lived closer!Wedding flowers Wedding photo booth Photo booths are my favorite part of weddings.Chicago wedding photo booth Wedding centerpieces- flowers in beer and wine bottles The centerpieces at the table we really awesome! Beer and wine bottles with fresh flowers in them.Wedding cake made of cheese The bride and groom cutting their cheese wedding cake.Wedding tent in backyardThe beautiful tent all lit up at night.

I have been looking for a dress like this one since I bought it last year. I love the cut and it’s just adorable in general. Every time I go in to Forever 21 I hope and dream that I will find the dress in a different color or a new pattern. Well, the week before Chicago, I was in with my cousin and we found it! I honestly probably wouldn’t have cared what pattern or color it was, but I ended up loving the green and blue anyways:) You can’t see them in the photos because my feet got tired after an hour or so, but I wore my nude Target wedges and then matched that cute nude clutch to them. Pearls were a great finishing touch and made me feel like the classiest broad at the party. Well, I thought I was until they started playing boy band songs from my middle school days, and Matt and I jammed along as though we were still in those middle school days. Haha! Oooh I want to go back!

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Forever 21 dress/ DSW Sandals/ Charming Charlie Belt, Pearls, and Clutch

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Forever 21

Neon By Day

Pencil Skirt with neon top

Hi Lovelies!

If any of you know me well, you will know that I sometimes switch my outfit during the day…especially on the weekend. I get really excited about new clothes and new ways to style pieces and sometimes I just CAN NOT wait to wear them. So, I wear two outfits in one day….so sue me:) I am really trying to avoid doing this too often, because then I just dirty twice as many clothes, and in turn have to wash twice the amount of clothes. That’s just annoying and really a waste of water. We’re in a drought here people! So, today I am going to show you a cute way to style my outfit for a day out shopping with the girls, and later on next week i’ll show you how to change up the accessories in the outfit to make it perfect for a night on the town.

Pencil Skirt with neon top Scalloped Button Back Top Pencil Skirt with neon top Pencil Skirt with neon topGet The Look:
Target Skirt/ Charming Charlie Top/ Target Wedges/ Charming Charlie Necklace/ Charming Charlie Clutch/ Aldo Sunglasses

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For my day time look I went with some cute nude wedges with a matching clutch and a dainty necklace. I don’t like to wear a ton of jewelry when I go out shopping because you have to take it all off in order to try anything new on. The wedges are a little more casual, which make them perfect for a daytime outfit! Stay tuned next week when I change out those accessories for something a little more suitable for nighttime. 

How would you dress this up for a night on the town? Let me know in the comments below!

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