Part 2: A Sundress For Late Spring

Sundress with a fedora

Hi Lovelies!

Yesterday I showed you how to style that strappy sundress you have been wanting to wear on days when it’s a bit to chilly. Today, I am showing you a style for later on in the spring, or if you live in the south like me this weekJ I added a fedora because they are one of my absolute favorite summer accessories. I wore this baby every single day on my honeymoon in Jamaica last spring and it just looks fantastic with everything. A hat can really change the entire look of an outfit and bring a little fun to it.

Fedora and sundress Pretty sundress with a fedora Fedora and bow clutch Fedora and a sundress Sundress with nude accessories Nude bow clutch with sundress Fedora with pretty sundress Wearing a sundress multiple ways.jpgGet The Look:
Dress (Similar), Fedora (Similar), Clutch(Similar), Sunglasses: Aldo, Bracelets: Charming Charlie (Similar), Necklace: Kendra Scott

You can always bring along that sweater from yesterday just in case it gets a little chilly at night, at the beach, or in the air conditioning. There you have it, one dress that you can wear almost all year:)

Do you try and wear your sundresses all year through?

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A Little Bit Country…A Little Bit Comfy!

Hey There, Lovelies!

First of all, let me say that dresses are my absolute favorite thing to wear, EVER. I know I wear a lot of pants, but I actually hate pants. If pants are worn, the moment I walk in the door…pants gone! Dresses are the best…they’re comfy, they’re easy…they are perfect for comfy, lazy me:)

I am also a huge fan of chambray shirts this season. They are one of my favorite new trends! A little bit country, a lot comfy, and just all around awesome! So, obviously, it just seemed like the right thing to do to add the two together!

Denim and dress




Denim with dress
Dress: Nordstrom (On sale for $11!!!)
Chambray Shirt: Target (here)
Sandals: Charming Charlie
Jewelery: Charming Charlie

I just couldn’t pass up this dress when I found out it was only $11, I am such a bargain hunter:) Hope you enjoyed, see you again soon!

xox Megan

New Beginnings

Hello Lovelies,

Today was a great day in the Todd household! Wes started his new job as the Senior Web Developer at a company in downtown Austin, and he loved it! Now we both have jobs that we enjoy, thank goodness for that! I also had a good day, because I went back to Francesca’s (yes, I went back) and got a really cute dress I couldn’t stop thinking about from the other day! The stitching on the top of the dress is what drew me in, it’s so pretty and the colors are really great. I could put any color cardigan with this and it would look amazing! Now, due to Wes being at a work function tonight for his new job, the pictures of today’s outfit are not nearly as good as usual. Wes is just an amazing photographer (I am so lucky), so my apologies in advance for the amateur photography.

Blue dress, grey sweater

Blue Dress with Coral and YellowDress: Francesca’s
Cardigan: Target (here)
Belt: Francesca’s (a long time ago)
Earrings: Francesca’s
Shoes: Francesca’s (a long time ago)

Apparently blue has been my color lately…every time I walk into my closet there is more and more blue! Well, I hoped you liked my find of the day:) Come back and see me soon!

xox Megan

PS: Take a peek at my Instagram for a closer look at the detail in the dress!

Also, take a peek here, to find a really cool blog!

It’s been a while…

Good Morning Beautiful Ladies!

I am SO sorry it has been SO long since I last posted. I have been super busy with the new job, trying to find a new place to live, and honeymooning in Jamaica. BUT, we have found a house to live in and moved in last Saturday(YAY), the job is going really well, and the honeymoon was ABSOLUTELY amazing! I wish that I could be back on the beach and watch the sunset every night on the ocean!

Well, anyways, on to what I have been up to since the last post! Well, summer is in full swing here in Austin, TX so there have been lots of sundresses and cowboy boots:) Cowboy boots

Cowboy boots: Francesca’s Collections

I spent Mother’s Day weekend in Dallas with my parents and my sister’s family. This is my adorable niece, Anniston, and I. And of course my cute Navy & White striped dress with yellow accents:)


Dress: Delia’s
Cardigan: Nordstrom
Necklace and bracelets: Charming Charlie

On Mother’s day we all went to dinner at Buca di Beppo. This is me with my fur baby, Sophie. (Just a note: To get the look for my hair, use a curling wand. Best invention EVER.)


Dress: Francesca’s Collections
Cardigan: H&M

Sophie went to doggie daycare at the day before the honeymoon. The woman who was taking care of her took pictures and sent them to me throughout the day. Needless to say, she is my new favorite person. Look how sweet:)

Well, that is all for now! I will update you with pictures from Jamaica asap!

xox Megan

Mint and Lace Love <3

Today just felt like a dress type of day. It was 76 degrees and sunny…and my day off! Working in a store that only allows us to wear black and a little bit of white means that on my days off I REFUSE to wear black. Mint is one of my favorite colors right now and I love the lace overlay on this dress I got last week.

Teal lace Dress

Dress: Charming Charlie
Bracelets: Charming Charlie
Necklace: Francesca’s Collections

Excuse the amateur photography…the joys of working retail: No one is there to take photos on your day off lol!

Well, I hope you all like my first outfit and come back to see more! Enjoy!

xox Megan