My Addictive Personality

Hello Everyone!

I am new to the blogging world, so bear with me:) I realized after hours (and I mean HOURS) of browsing Pinterest and other people’s blogs that I am addicted… SO many things. Food I won’t be able to make, fashion I won’t fit in to, decorating a house I don’t have, crafting awesome things (usually for the kids I don’t have), and a million other things. I figured if I’m going to spend so much time thinking about these things I might as well write all my thoughts down. So, <drumroll> here they are!

Now, just a little bit about me before I get started…

I met my husband when we were 16, we were in a play together. I was the new girl and he was the goofy, yet charming theater guy. This is us in the 11th grade:

Me & Wes


We ended up at prom together senior year, this is us again (Yes, I realize it looks like a wedding photo, so did the woman developing my film. Yes, they still had film back then).


We went to a small liberal arts school together and graduated in 2009. After college we moved in together and had fun living and growing together until he proposed to me in July of 2011.

We then moved to Austin, Texas together in November 2011 and made a long trip back to Michigan to be married on August 10, 2012.

Wedding Photo(Photo by Arising Images-


This is our Cavalier King Charles, Sophie, the sweetest little girl on the planet.

Hope you enjoyed getting to know me and that you enjoy my ramblings about life, love, and all that glitters:)

xox Megan