That Whole Thigh Gap Thing…

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Hi Lovelies!

In less than one weeks time I will be running my very first half marathon. I am so nervous, but so excited. I ran 10 miles yesterday so I know I can do it, I just have this huge fear that I’m going to fall and break my leg or pass out right before the finish line. Yeah, yeah….I’m irrational, it’s what I do:) In order to celebrate being one week out, today’s post is about running/fitness/and that stupid thigh gap that people keep talking about. 

To be honest with you, my legs have always been one of the things I have been the most self conscious about. I have never been one to wear shorts, even when it’s really hot out. When I do I constantly worry about the judgement of others. I posted a pair a few weeks ago and pushing that ‘Publish’ button was beyond hard for me. I wouldn’t say that my legs have ever been ‘fat’, but they’ve never been ‘thin’ either. Basically, my legs are not perfect, and I have never been okay with this. Even with all of my insecurities about my legs, it makes me really sad to see things like the “thigh gap” become a fad. Unless that “thigh gap” is there naturally for you (which for some people it is and that’s fine too) it probably isn’ a healthy achievement. I wish more women would get focused on being healthy than being “skinny” and having a thigh gap. 

I got a comment on one of my posts a few weeks ago telling me that my legs were looking strong. Now, coming from the person it did, I KNOW it was a compliment, and I TOOK it as a compliment because I have worked hard on my legs. The thing that makes me sad, is that coming from someone else it might have been a snarky remark. I have seen it all too much in real life, women making fun of others for being muscular. Women being strong has not always been as “ok” as it is today, and it’s still not as “ok” as it should be. Having muscles or wanting to gain muscle as a woman has almost always been looked down upon. No one wants to look like a man after all, right? Wrong! You are never going to look like a man from lifting weights…you just aren’t! There isn’t enough testosterone in your body to make you look “like a man” (unless you put it there which is a whole different story). There are plenty of women out there who do bikini contests and pageants. Most of these ladies have a very low percentage of body fat and usually bigger muscles than most women. In my personal opinion they don’t “look like men”. Do you know how much work and dedication it takes to look like those people? Ummmm more than I will ever have for sure, and more than most women I know. So, trust me, if these ladies who work their butts off 3-4 hours or more per day don’t look like men, you’re not going to!

Lifting weights and working hard is going to help you gain muscles, or as most women like to call it “get definition”. It’s the same thing, different wording. Why? Because women are afraid of gaining anything. I have been running for a few months now, and you know what? I haven’t lost a pound. I didn’t weigh myself for 3 months and I did it on purpose. I knew that if I didn’t see that number heading downwards I would be discouraged and I would more than likely give up. But you know what? I am so glad I didn’t! I can tell a difference in my body without the scale. My legs don’t jiggle like they used to, my arms have muscles I had never seen before, and my stomach is shrinking before my eyes. I haven’t lost a pound because I have been GAINING muscle to replace the fat.

I’m not saying I’m muscular. I’m not saying I’m in great shape. I’m not saying I look perfect, I’m far from it. I’m just saying that I work hard to be healthy and I wish that more women would stop listening to the people who say you need a “thigh gap” and realize that they are beautiful anyways. My legs are strong. My legs can run 10 miles. My legs can lift weight, and heavy weight. My legs are not skinny. My thighs touch, but my legs are beautiful.

I read an article about women and muscle gain a few weeks ago, and if I could find it I would share with you. Alas, it has gotten lost in the abyss of the internet….If I find it I will be sure to come back and link it up!

How do you work to stay healthy?

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**I want to say that this is my opinion. I am not a fitness expert, doctor, lawyer, or anything else. I am a blogger. These are my opinions and if you don’t agree that’s totally fine. On that note, please do not write snarky comments, they will be deleted. This is a friendly place and you may state your differing opinion, but if it is rude it will be deleted.**