The Austin Passbook

Austin passbook Downtown

You guys, this is awesome. One of my blogger friends Lee Anne (from Life In ATX) launched the Austin Passbook last week and I am so excited about it! I ordered mine on Monday and already have it in my hands as we speak! This is perfect timing since we have friends coming in to town this weekend and I will be using it nonstop!

Austin passbook picture

What is the Austin Passbook? It’s that awesome little passport-like book you see up there! It is filled with 2 for 1 deals for 40 different food trucks and activities around the Austin area. (For a full list of participants go here.) The Passbook is only $20 and you can buy it here, at The Departure Lounge, or at the Austin Visitor’s Center.

How does it work? Go to the food truck or activity listed, show them your passbook, get it stamped, and enjoy your 2 for 1 deal! I am so excited to get out there an explore this wonderful city! I have lived here for 3 years and cannot believe how many of the awesome food trucks in the Passbook I haven’t been to! I’m also pumped to get BOGO paddle boarding and kayaking!

Austin Passbook

The Austin Passbook is great for all you foodies out there who want to go explore Austin, whether you’re a newbie or not! Get out there and enjoy!

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***I did not get paid to write this article, it’s just something fun that I really think is worth purchasing! I also love supporting my friends:) Though I did not get paid for the article, if you do click on one of the links and purchase the passbook through it, I get a small commission.***

Paddle Boarding In ATX

Paddleboarding ATX

Hi Lovelies!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! We sure did. Nicolle, Wes, and I rented paddle boards from The Rowing Dock and went out on Town Lake Saturday morning. It was such a blast! Wes and I have been a lot over the past few years, but Nicolle had never been. The weather was spectacular. There was just enough cloud cover that we were never in the sun for too long of a time. There was also a nice breeze, which was amazing in terms of temperature. It was not so amazing, however, for paddling back to the dock. We were going against the wind the entire way back and it was rough to say the least. If you have never been paddle boarding, I highly recommend it. It’s a great core and arm work out!

Paddlesboard ATX

Nicolle and I paddle boarding!

Paddleboard yoga

Nicolle doing a head stand.

Paddleboard back bend

Me doing a back bend.

How was your weekend? Have a post about it? Link it in the comments below!

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