Fit Friday: Motivation

It has been a while! I have been so busy lately it isn’t even funny! Between vacation, working out, extra duties at work, and my shop orders I have had NO time for blogging:( That should change this next week though, I have a little bit of extra time and I plan to make some room for my blog:)
stay motivated to work out
Today’s topic is one that I have struggled with for years. Motivation. Specifically getting the motivation to work out. Since high school I have been that girl who works out in excess for a few months, then stops for a few months…then works out…then stops. You get the picture. Usually my initial motivation to work out is weight gain or an upcoming event, then once that weight is gone or the event is over with, I lose any and all motivation again. I have been doing super well with my exercise and healthy eating journey so far this year and have so far lost 20lbs (yay!), but that doesn’t mean that I don’t still struggle with motivation. I’m going to talk about a few different things that have been great motivation for me this year and hopefully they can help you too!
1. Group Fitness: Having an instructor and classmates who will get on your case if you aren’t coming is one of the biggest motivators for me. I found this out when I joined my first bootcamp last summer. If I had someone to hold me accountable I was MUCH more likely to get my butt going. Heading to the gym by myself has always ended in failure to me, but with boot camps, I have been working out pretty consistently since last summer:) Yay me!
2. Babies: This will sound really dumb to all the men out there (whom I’m pretty sure don’t read my blog, lol), but having a family within the next 5 years is a huge motivator for me. I want to be as healthy as I can possibly be when that time comes, not just for me but for my future babies as well. If I am healthy and active, chances are, they will be too:) I also want to look smokin’ BEFORE I get preggo so that I will continue to be healthy during and after. It’s much easier to bounce back when you’re already in shape! Not to mention, giving birth is hard on your body and you are much more prepared for it when you are in shape!
3. Cute Work Out Gear: Yes, it’s sad, but I am a girl and clothes are a great motivation for me! Wearing cute clothes while I go exercise makes me happy. Giving myself a goal that ends with new work out clothes also makes me happy. Really, it’s a win win…I work out and I look cute, and after a while of exercise I look even cuter. I have really fallen in love with printed work out leggings and shorts lately! Some of my favorites are these Albion Fit floral and stripes leggings and these RBX Active camo leggings. I’m not going to lie, I love them all so much I sometimes wear them as regular leggings when I’m not at the gym. Remember, this is a no judgement zone! Lol!
Albion Fit work out pants
You can get a 25% discount on the RBX pants now until 7/31/15 with code Active25. I’m seriously considering getting these ones with the discount code!:)
Get The Look:
​What motivates you to work out? Share with me in the comments below!
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I Don’t Sweat, I Sparkle

Hello Lovelies,

It’s been a little over 7 weeks since I joined a gym. I went to my my personal trainer for 5 of those 7 weeks and it went surprising well. And by well I mean I didn’t cry, I didn’t fall on my face, and I didn’t decide not to go back! Yay me! I am pretty sure there were days where I wanted to kill Howard (my PT) for making me do push ups… arms just constantly hurt. Not ok. But, I definitely learned a lot and have gotten a lot more motivation to work out!

So, I have the motivation to work out. Woo hoo! Unfortunately, that isn’t the only factor in the get healthy plan…you’re kind of supposed to eat healthier too. So, I don’t know if any of y’all have joined a gym recently, but when you do take the plunge they ask you all of these embarrassing questions. How long has it been since you worked out? (Too long…) How much do you weigh? (Eek!!) What are your goals? (To not die?) What are your eating habits? (Cheese, cheese, and more cheese) I realized while answering these questions, that I was embarrassed by more than half of my answers. You try explaining to someone who has arms the size of tree trunks what you eat in the average week. Hmmm…grilled cheese, mac & cheese, pizza, cheesecake….pretty much anything with ANY type of cheese. I mean, that’s a minor over-exaggeration…but I could obviously be eating way better.

So there you have it, I have admitted it. I, like every other woman on this planet, am having trouble making myself eat the things I should. It’s really hard, especially when you’re a foodie! I found this website, circa 2009 or so, called Sparkpeople. I have used it on and off since then and found that when I track my food and exercise I am much more likely to eat better and work out harder. This time I am really going to try to keep it up. It’s time to really get healthy!

Remember this tank top I showed y’all a while back, here? I finally bought it last month, and it is my FAVORITE work out top! How do I look getting my fitness on?

I Dont Sweat I Sparkle Tank

I Dont Sweat I Sparkle Tank
Get The Look:

Top: Etsy
Pants: Bebe sport (Old, from back in the retail workin’ days…)
Shoes: Nike
Headband: Hobby Lobby

Isn’t it just the cutest top ever? I love. I have a new found need for anything and everything work out related. I have found a new one that I am going to have to buy as soon as my spending freeze is over! Gotta love a good Pitch Perfect reference….

Don't put me down for cardio topTop: here

Well anyways, as I sit here eating chocolate pudding (give me credit, it’s from Whole Foods) I ask you: What do you guys do to keep healthy? Have any good recipes for me? Help me, help me, help me!

Until tomorrow…

xox Megan