My Favorite Daily Deal Sites

My favorite daily deal sites

If you know me, then you know that I LOVE a good deal! Back in 2013/2014 at the beginning of All That Glitters I wrote a series about a site called Groopdealz, which had daily deals from all sorts of shops across the internets. Since then, I have come across a TON of these sites and I have purchased quite a bit from them too! I’m not one of those people who posts about sales I don’t care about just to get commission off of it. If I’m not personally excited about the sale or the shop, I won’t post about it…it’s as simple as that. Well, the sites I’m sharing with y’all today are some that I am very excited about!

My absolute favorite, and one I used to post about every week, is the site formerly known as Groopdealz. They have rebranded and changed their name to Eleventh Avenue, but it’s still the same great site! I have bought numerous things from them, including a mini initials necklace, this plaid scarf, this gold polka dot tee shirt, this hand-stamped shoelace plate, and this lightening bolt necklace! Yeah, I really like this one…lol! Well, since their whole branding switch, they have been sending me coupon codes like crazy and you can get 15% off until 4/3/15 with code SPRING15….just sayin’, this is pretty cute…and so it this!

Jane is another that I have purchased a lot through over the years. I just recently bought dog tags, a cute purple and sequin top, and these shorts! I have loved everything I’ve gotten so far and will definitely be purchasing more!

Sassy Steals is one I have been eyeing for months. I have not personally purchased anything from this one, but my sister bought a really cute tassel necklace and I have known multiple people who have gotten items from here. It seems pretty on par with Jane and Eleventh Avenue so I’m sure I’ll have to give it a try soon!

Zulily is a whole different ball game from the others. This one has major brand items like Toms every once in a while and you can buy pretty much anything under the sun from a Sihlouette Cameo to sundresses and baby items!

Well, there you have it, some of my favorite deal sites all in one place. Go check them out, you’re sure to get a great bargain:)

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