10 Fall Dates Ideas

10 fall date ideas

Dating. According to couples who have been happily married for years, dating your spouse is one of the most important things in keeping your marriage happy. Wes and I do a pretty good job at this I think:) We go on dinner dates, we take little bike rides to get ice cream, and we snuggle on the couch watching Netflix together on a weekly basis. Now, it really depends on what you call a “date”, but these are all little things I would have called a date with any boyfriend back in the day, so I’m going to count them now too:) Although we do go on little dates, I would like for us to be better at actually “dating each other”. I have been wracking my brain for a few little “dates” we could go on together and have come up with a few little things I want to do as a couple this fall! I’m sure there are plenty of others out there at a loss for new date ideas as well, so here you have it, 10 fall date ideas!

  1.  A fall picnic in the park. Layer yourself up (depending on where you live) and take your blanket and a picnic out to a local park. Spread out your blanket and enjoy your meal as well as each others company. You might even bring a little champagne and make a toast:)
  2. Go to a drive in movie theatre. Find one of these in your area on Google and buy some tickets. If it’s warm enough to sit outside, bring some lawn chairs and a blanket to set up and some snacks to munch on! If it’s too cold already, sit inside your car with a blanket and snuggle up together!
  3. Go bowling. Make it interesting by turning it into a bet! Whoever looses has to do the dishes or take out the trash all week.
  4. Have a bonfire in your back yard. Get a fire going and make s’mores together. If it’s really cold make a little hot cocoa and throw in a bit of schnapps!
  5. Go Apple picking. We don’t have apple orchards here in Texas, but I have never been on a date to an apple orchard and it’s my dream so it’s going on here! Haha! Pick some apples, drink some cider, eat some donuts, and enjoy the fall weather!
  6. Carve pumpkins together. Pick a night after work, and go pick out pumpkins together. Carve them together and see who can make the best design. Once it gets dark outside light some candles for them and put them on your front porch.
  7. Make Halloween costumes together. Wes and I made our costumes (Minnie Mouse and Mighty Mouse) last year and it was a blast! Even better, make each others costumes and see how much you trust each other!
  8. Have a movie marathon all day long. There is nothing like a fall Sunday spent entirely in bed.  Only get out of bed to make/get food and just spend the entire day watching movies. I’m a personal fan of a Harry Potter marathon or Halloween movies:)
  9. Make something together. Apple sauce, cake, pumpkin bread, dinner. Whatever it is, make it together.
  10. Take dancing classes. Find a local dance studio online or on Groupon and take classes. Find another couple and have them join in too! Groupon always has cheap options for classes and it’s a nice way to spend time together without eating or watching tv!

There you have it, my fall date ideas. It’s almost the end of October already, so I have to get on these really quickly!

Do you have any fun dates you like to go on with your husband during the fall?

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Dating your husband

Stripes and Floral

Black and white striped dress with booties and a scarf

Monday is upon us again. <sigh> I spent the weekend cleaning for my best friend to come in to town from Houston next weekend, watching the Harry Potter marathon on ABC Family, and recovering for a bout of bronchitis. A Z pack and an inhaler later and I might ACTUALLY make it to all of my bootcamp classes this week. No promises though;-) I’m really bummed, because my trainer has put in her 2 weeks notice and this will be her last week teaching bootcamp! She was part of the reason I loved it so much and I am really sad to see her go:( I’m hoping they find someone to take over or else bootcamp may be over! I have been seeing all sorts of Groupon deals for work out activities lately though, so maybe I will try a few of those for the remainder of the fall/winter and then start an outdoor bootcamp again in the spring. All I know is that I need to continue with working out, especially now that the BF and I have signed up for our SECOND half marathon!Black and white stripes with coral floral Floral and stripes with booties Striped dress with floral scarf- outfit inspiration Black and white stripes with a floral scarf Floral scarf with pearls on a striped dress Stripes and floral a great mix

Get The Look:

Old Navy Dress  //  Charming Charlie Scarf, Sunglasses, Clutch & Pearls  //  Alloy Booties

Similar Styles:

This outfit is one I wore to work a week or two ago just after I got back from visiting my parents in Dallas. I had seen a couple cute black and white striped shift dresses at Target, but the shift style USUALLY doesn’t work on me. So, when I saw this one that actually had some shape to it, I knew I needed it! My Mom agreed that it was adorable, so I knew it was a winner. Let’s say, I have worn it to work twice in the two weeks I have owned it, and I don’t hate it one bit:) I love pattern mixing these days, so obviously I had to throw in a little floral there with the scarf, and let’s be honest, pearls go with everything so they were a must have as well! There you have it, today’s outfit!

Does anyone else out there have a really great work out program that they do along side the running when training for marathons? Let me know, because I would love to get a little variety in my work outs!

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Layered Lemon Hot Milk Cake

Lemon Hot Milk CakeI remember the days like they were yesterday. Walking into my grandma’s house and smelling the sweet smell of her hot milk cake. I always looked forward to it and I knew that it would be the perfect cake to celebrate my husband’s birthday on Tuesday! Wes LOVES lemon things. Lemon candy, lemon bars, lemon filled donuts, and- you guessed it- lemon cake. I actually made this cake for him a few years ago on his 23rd birthday and he loved it, so I thought I would make it again this year. I was super worried about how it would turn out, seeing that I hadn’t baked a cake from scratch in 5 years or so…but it turned out really well! One of the things I really love about this cake, is that it uses ingredients you already have in your pantry! The only thing I needed to go buy was lemon pudding mix. It’s super easy to make and it tastes delicious. So go ahead, bake and enjoy!


  • 1 stick butter
  • 1 cup milk
  • 4 eggs
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 2 cups flour
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp salt


  1. Start by preheating your oven to 325 degrees and spraying to circle cake pans with oil.
  2. Melt your stick of butter in a saucepan on low heat.
  3. Once butter is melted, stir in the milk and vanilla extract. Let heat until it bubbles and then turn heat down to low and let simmer.
  4. Preparing the hot milk cakeIn a mixing bowl, beat your 4 eggs and your sugar together with a mixer. Mix extremely well, up to 5 minutes.
  5. In a separate bowl, combine your flour, baking powder, and salt.
  6. Slowly beat your flour mixture into the egg and sugar mixture.
  7. Once they are mixed together, slowly beat in your milk and butter mixture (hot milk, get it?!:)).
  8. Split your mix up into the 2 round pans and put in the oven.
  9. The actual baking time will depend on your personal oven, but mine cooks rather quickly so it was done it 45 minutes. I would check on it every few minutes after 45 minutes to make sure it doesn’t over cook. Stick a toothpick in it if you are unsure.
  10. Hot Milk CakeLet cake cool on a cooling rack.
  11. While the cake is cooling, make your lemon pudding. You can use prepackaged kind or from scratch. I’m lazy so I used instant, but I’m sure real pudding would taste even better! When the pudding is done place it in the fridge to thicken up a bit.
  12. Lemon Pudding Hot Milk CakeOnce cake is cool, cut the cakes in half horizontally so that you have 4 cakes.
  13. Spread the cooled pudding between the layers of the cake and stack them up!
  14. Sift powdered sugar over the top of the cake!
  15. You are done! Enjoy!Hot Milk cake with lemon filling Hot milk cake uses ingredients you already haveAll That Glitters Blog Signature

Layering Up Because Fall Is Finally Here In Texas

Burgundy leopard and Chambray outfit inspiration

Happy hump day, everyone! Fall is FINALLY here in Austin! Woohoo! The weather this past weekend and the last two days has be beautiful. It’s great during the day, but I have to admit it is a bit nippy in the morning at bootcamp. I’ve had to pull out my long sleeved work out tops and my capris to get through until I start sweating! I’m excited though because that means that my fall outfits can be worn without the profuse sweating I have been enduring! Haha! Well, even with the cooler days we’ve been having the skirt is back. I only bought it a couple of weeks ago and I’ve already worn it to work multiple times and to go out shopping with my Momma. It’s comfy and it is the best fall color ever! And that cardigan! I have been wanting a new leopard cardigan for a while now, because the one I have doesn’t fit very well. I saw this one in Target and I LOVED the fact that the leopard is only on the front. I think it gives it a little bit of character that a plain old leopard cardigan doesn’t have. I also think it makes it look a little classier:) Burgundy and Leopard- Great fall outfit Leopard Cardigan and Chambray Leopard Print and Burngundy Skirt Burgundy Chambray and Leopard Print Old Navy and Target Outfit Inspiration Chambray top with burgundy skirt and cardigan Leopard and Burgundy outfit for fallGet The Look:

Old Navy Skirt  //  Target Chambray  //  Target Cardigan  //  Alloy Booties  //  Charming Charlie Handbag  //  Charming Charlie Earrings  //  Aldo Sunglasses

Similar Styles:

My only complaint with the outfit is that I think the chambray under the cardigan makes you look a little bulky, but it’s not too bad with the chambray tucked in to the skirt. How do you prevent the bulk when layering for fall and winter? Let me know in the comments below!

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A Mini Halloween Giveaway!

Mini Halloween Giveaway
It’s already October, which mean that there are less than 3 more weeks left until Halloween! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, I mean who doesn’t love a whole day devoted to dressing up like someone/thing else and NOT getting called a weirdo?! Lol! Being that Halloween is the best and that today is my hubby’s birthday and I am in a celebrating mood, I am having a little giveaway for all of you Halloween lovers out there! The winner will receive a Halloween prize pack consisting of the items below! Enter in the rafflecopter at the bottom of the page. Good luck! Oh, and happy birthday, Wes!


  • $10 Target Gift Card- Great for those last minute Halloween decorations, or for some little costume extras!
  • $5 Starbucks Gift Card- Grab a coffee or a hot cocoa to drink while you are perusing the aisles in Target:)
  • 3 Skull Rings- How cute are they (below)? Keep one color and give the others to your girlfriends, or accessorize with all 3!

Halloween Skull Rings

a Rafflecopter giveaway

On the topic of Halloween and giveaways, I have an irl friend who is a real estate agent and she is having a pumpkin carving contest! All you have to do is carve your pumpkin, go like her Facebook page, and post your picture there! If yours is picked, you could win a $200 Visa gift card! See all the deets below!
Pumpkin Carving Contest
Good luck in both giveaways! See y’all tomorrow!All That Glitters Blog Signature