Fit Friday: Day 12 of The Whole30

Whole30 Day 5
Well, it is day 12 of the whole30 for me, and I am SO proud of myself that I have made it this far! I honestly thought I would turn back after day 2, but I’ve stuck through it! Yay me! I’ll for sure be posting about some great recipes that I have been making for you guys to check out, because let me tell you…it gets hard to pick what to eat after a week or so! Lol! 

What I’ve Learned So Far:

  • Pretty much everything we eat has sugar added in to it. That was the thing that has made this so difficult for the last two weeks! EVERYTHING has sugar added in to it and it is CRAZY! I sat in the grocery store for HOURS both weeks just trying to find compliant things and it was rough. Let’s just say I made a LOT of salads with my homemade balsamic vinaigrette, I ate a lot of fruits and veggies, and we grilled a LOT. 
  • Planning every single one of your meals in advance is HARD. There are times where I just wanted to walk into a restaurant and order a cheeseburger and have it be over. I have already put SO much effort in to planning what I am going to make each day and I’m only half way through it. <sigh> But, like they always say, if you don’t plan, you plan to fail. So, on with my meal planning I will go for the next two weeks.
  • You will do a LOT of dishwashing. I have to wash the cutting board between each meal since I’m always cutting up veggies and meats. I use at least a plate for every meal and sometimes a plate and a bowl. I use other bowls and such to prepare meals…let’s just say…there are a lot of dishes and there are only two people in my house. I may be eating well, but I’m using a lot of water….lol…
  • You pretty much can’t eat out anywhere and if you do, you have to give the waiter a 10 minute long list of questions. A lot of places cook their meats in soybean oil which is non-compliant so that’s out. I’ve pretty much only ordered a salad with chicken and some veggies and my own homemade dressing every time I have eaten out. Anyone have any great tips on Whole30 compliant restaurants in the Austin area? I would love you forever

Whole30 Compliant

Bottom Line: How Do I Feel?

Well, I won’t lie to you…for the first few days I was constantly hungry! I had a headache, felt exhausted, and wanted to rip someone’s head off if I didn’t get some sugar pretty soon. Since then, it hasn’t been that bad. I do still have to talk myself down off of the cliff whenever I see ice cream or sweets on TV, but other than that I am full and satisfied with my meat and veggies! I have to say though, I’m not feeling this BURST of energy everyone else always talks about getting around half way through. Maybe it’ll hit me this weekend. <Fingers crossed>
If you’re interested in doing the whole30, I would recommend giving it a try. If anything, it’s great to know that you are in control of everything you are putting into your body. It’s also nice to know that I CAN go 12 days without sweets and live to tell the story. I will remember this (hopefully) next time I get those late night cravings for ice cream…
An today I leave with you some Whole30 humor…enjoy!
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Kendra Scott Via Maya

I don’t know if it’s because she is from Austin, or what….but I have been absolutely in love with Kendra Scott lately. I was very skeptical to spend $80 on a necklace at first, but everything I have bought I wear constantly! It has definitely been worth the money for me, especially my Rayne necklaces. Well, today Kendra came out with a new line called Via Maya and I am in LOVE with two of the necklaces. The first is way out of my price range, but hey a girl can dream right? The second, however, is only $40 which might mean that it needs to come home with me soon! Check our my favorites below and check out the whole line here!

Odessa Necklace by Kendra Scott via maya collection

Odessa $495

Kendra Scott Parry Pendant


Perry Pendant- $45

Check out a few of the ways I have styled my Kendra Scott:

Magenta Rayne Styled Two Ways

I hope you are all having a fabulous hump day! Thanks for stopping by!

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Who Doesn’t Love 15% Off?!?

***This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase something through one of my links, I will make a few bucks for having sent you. (At no cost to you:)) This compensation goes towards helping to keep All That Glitters alive and running!***
Remember last week when I posted about all of my favorite deal sites?! Well, I’m back at it, but this time just talking about one of the sites on my list, Eleventh Avenue. They have asked me to show you some of their newest items and to give all of my readers a 15% off discount code!! Woohoo! That baby will be at the end of the post!
One of my favorite things about Eleventh Avenue is that all of the items are from different small shops around the internet (including Etsy shops…Woot woot!). You’re supporting small businesses and helping them grow, which I LOVE. I know I could get that hair bow at Walmart for $1, but I would much rather support my online shop friends and buy from them, it’s as simple as that. So without further adieu, my favorites from Eleventh Avenue this weekend!
Leave a Sparkle gold dot pillow
Sparkle Pillow: I love this! I really want to make my blog/shop office gold and pink so this would match perfectly!
You are so worth it print
You Are So Worth It Print: This would go well in my office too….choices choices!
$8 tassel necklaces
Tassel Necklaces: They’re Kendra Scott like but only $8.99. Obviously, it won’t be the same (lol), but if you want each and every color but don’t want to fork out $80-$90 these are perfect!!
Polka Dot Vntage Bathign Suit
Vintage Polka Dot Bathing Suit: I loooove this! I’m not sure how the whole high waisted thing would work for me, but I still love it! Might have to give this one a try….
I have to admit I have been buying a LOT of things from this site lately…but I just fall in love with things so easily! haha! Once it’s on my mind…it is in my shopping cart! :) Your code for 15% off is AVENUE15  and it’s good now until May 22!!! Yep, you heard correctly, MAY 22nd!! Be sure to check back in at Eleventh Avenue every day for new, great deals!

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You Know You Have A Dog When…

You know you have a dog when...

My dog, Sophie, is a huge part of my life. I mean, really…look at that face…how could you not love that little nugget! She is my pride and joy and I am a proud puppy Momma….so while sitting around thinking of something to write the other night, I starting thinking about all of the crazy things we dog owners do for our pets….and thus was born:

You know you have a dog when…

1. You give up doing extremely important things. I don’t want to get up to pee, the dog is so comfortable on my lap right now. If I get up, they’ll have to move and be uncomfortable. We can’t have that can we?

2. You contort into strange positions. Maybe if I lean to the side 45 degrees and crane my neck around and then type with just the tips of my fingers I’ll be able to see the computer AROUND the dog that is laying half on top of it.

3. Food mess becomes non existent. Oh shit, I dropped spaghetti sauce. Here Doggie! Come get it! Yummy food! All clean and no harm done. :)

4. The doorbell is your worst nightmare. Someone walks up to the door….*oh no* Tries to hurdle over every item in the room to get to the door before the…..*ding dong* *dog barks uncontrollably* door bell….

5. You spell words instead of saying them. Want to go for a W-A-L-K? Do we have any T-R-E-A-T-S? I think it’s in the C-A-R.

6. You give up valuable sleep real estate. Your pillow, your blanket, your half of the bed, wherever and however she wants to sleep…..she sleeps….

7. You have a scapegoat. Someone farted? It was the dog. You’re not bored with your friends, you just have to go home and let the dog out. Your house isn’t usually this messy….it was the dog. <wink wink>

8. You have spent an entire night at the Emergency vet because your dog is sick, may have eaten a scorpion, or consumes an entire bag of chocolate. It’s just too bad they don’t understand human talk. That would just be too simple…

9. The camera in your house that is supposed to be used for home security purposes, turns in to a way to spy on your dog while you’re not home. I wonder what my dog is doing right now? Let’s have a look!

10. Your little heart is just full. Who could resist those eyes and that little face? They are the sweetest thing in your life and your heart couldn’t be more full of love:)

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Fashion & Health

Aztec print cotton shorts

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I spent mine in Houston with my best friend and we had a blast shopping, eating, gossiping, eating some more….having a bit of wine:) It was so nice to see her two weekends in a row, and I’m sure it will be strange not to see her again for a little while. The shopping was exceptionally wonderful since I had won a $150 Visa gift card at work on Friday! I bought two pairs of Kendra Scott earrings with it and even had some left over to run to Target! I’ll definitely be posting some outfits with my new earrings in the coming weeks because they are beautiful!Turquoise top with aztec shorts Turquoise chiffon tank with coral purse Turquoise chiffon top with aztec shorts Turquoise chiffon tank and aztec print cotton shorts
Coral bow handbang Aztec print for spring 2015 Aztec cotton shorts with chiffon tank

Get The Look:

Macy’s Tank Top  //  Macy’s Shorts  //  Charming Charlie Handbag  //  Very Jane Wedges  //  Kendra Scott Necklace & Earrings

This outfit is SO comfortable! Heather and I actually bought the same one last weekend when she was in Austin. I got a turquoise top and she got a coral one:) I am so happy that comfy shorts like these are back in this spring! They make it so much easier to enjoy the hot summer here in Texas! When it’s 100 degrees outside, it’s not just about the amount of clothing you are wearing, the comfort level has to be high as well! I will get a lot of use out of these in the months to come I’m sure of it!

In other news, today marks the beginning of my first whole30. If you don’t know much about the whole30, you should go to the site and explore! It’s basically a way of detoxing your body over 30 days by cutting out all grains, dairy, soy, legumes, sugar, alcohol, carrageenan, MSG, or sulfites. According to a lot of testimonials and people I know personally, it really does make you feel amazing! It helps you stop cravings for all sorts of unhealthy things and MY real goal is to break my addiction to sugar and pasta! These two things are my biggest challenges when trying to eat healthy and I feel like if I can break my habit in 30 days I will be so much healthier over the long run and will feel better too! Your diet can be effecting you in so many negative ways. Poor diets can lead to aches and pains, inability to lose weight no matter how much you exercise, headaches, skin issues, digestive problems, allergies, infertility, etc. Now, the program doesn’t claim to fix all of these issues, as some may actually have another cause, but it’s worth a try to see if they are linked, right? So, here I am…trying it out. Wish me luck, it’s going to be rough for me for a few days! I’ll be sure to keep you guys all updated on my progress and how everything is going. If you are interested in starting a whole30 soon, let me know and maybe we can be email buddies and support each other!

How was everyone else’s Easter weekend, what did you do?

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