Easy Taco Salad

Taco salad with Doritos- SO easy and so good!

Some of you health nuts might scoff at this recipe seeing as though I am trying to eat healthier, but let me begin by saying that if it isn’t pasta I am doing so well! Haha! I am a pasta addict and could probably eat it every day for every meal in different ways and just be happy as a clam. Fat, but oh so happy:) Pasta is also my go to meal when I don’t know what to make or don’t feel like putting much effort into the nights meal. I realize though, pasta is not good…for you that is. It’s really a bunch of carbs with absolutely no nutritional value whatsoever. <sigh> It’s unfortunate, but it’s true…so here I am today with taco salad. This is really good taco salad though:) This batch turned out exceptionally appetizing looking…which is weird, because usually it looks like a wreck but tastes amazing! Lol!  Great taco salad recipe


  • Ground beef
  • Lettuce
  • Taco seasoning
  • Beans – I used black, but you can use chili or kidney as well
  • Frozen corn
  • Red bell pepper
  • Onion
  • Doritos or other corn chips
  • French/Catalina dressing

Doritos and Catalina dressinf in taco salad


  1. Cook your ground beed in a pan with the taco seasoning.
  2. Once it’s half cooked, add your chopped veggies (peppers and onions).
  3. Sauté these for a little while until they are soft.
  4. Add your beans and corn and cook until hot.
  5. Make a bed of lettuce in a bowl and add your cooked ingredients to the top.
  6. Add some French/Catalina dressing and crush some Doritos on top.
  7. Serve!

Note: If you want to serve it as a dish at a party, I would let the cooked ingredients cool down a bit then toss them with the lettuce, dressing, and chips in a big bowl. This is also SUPER good cold as left overs! If you plan to eat it later as well I wouldn’t mix all the ingredients together- they get soggy pretty quickly.

Easy taco salad recipe- simple and fast!

There are certain ways to make taco salad a little better on your diet as well if that’s what you’re looking for. For one, you could take out the Doritos (which I am very proud of myself for only putting 3 or 4 in this time) and you could cut back a little on the dressing or put it lite dressing. Well, I hope you enjoy and let me know if you serve this at your Superbowl parties next weekend!

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A Superbowl Look For The Not So Superbowl Fan

Rugby shirt, boyfriend jeans, beanie, and polka dot keds

All my friends and family know very well that I am not a sports person. I played soccer in 5th grade and we lost every game. I played softball in 6th and I spent more time kicking the dirt in the outfield and ducking from the ball than I did with a bat in my hands. Let’s just say, I’m not coordinated. So, needless to say, when it comes to the Superbowl I know what’s going on just about as well as I know what’s happening in a Korean film…..absolutely not at all. I love the commercials and I love to hang out with friends and have parties, but watching the game….not so much.

I’m much more interested in the food that’s going to be served and what I’m going to wear, than who wins…so we’re going to talk about Superbowl party fashion today:) My goal here was to be casual, while still looking cute and put together. I figured a striped shirt in the color(s) of your team would be a safe bet for those of us who don’t have team shirts or jerseys. I don’t know who is in the Superbowl this year, much less the colors of the teams, but for today’s example let’s say that its maroon! I paired my striped shirt with my boyfriend jeans and some polka dot Keds- you know me, always have to be pattern mixing! Wearing your hair down always helps to dress an otherwise very casual outfit and a hat makes every outfit complete in my opinion! What do you think sports fan? Do I look ready to cheer on the maroon team?! lol!
Maroon stripes and jeans with a cream hat Rugby shirt and boyfriend jeans- perfect for the superbowl Super bowl outfit- casual but still cute Maroon stripes and a beanie hat The girlie sporting event look- cute and casual Maroon rugby stripes- perfect for a football game Gold football bracelet- perfect for the football lover

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I found this adorable football bracelet at Charming Charlie and actually bought it for my friend Chelsea who is a HUGE Packers fan. From the angry texts I was receiving this weekend I take it they aren’t going to make it to the Superbowl, but she can always wear it next year! I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday! Thanks you all for stopping by!

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All That Glitters Baby

I’m starting a new adventure! No, I’m not pregnant. Just had to get that out there first thing since I’ve had a lot of questions about it when explaining my new projects. I have opened up an Etsy shop called All That Glitters Baby! I have had so many friends and acquaintances get pregnant or have babies lately that I can hardly keep up with all of the baby gifts. I started looking on the internet for gift ideas and finally just decided to use my crafting skills for good and make some of my own gifts. Well, after a lot of comments on how cute my gifts were and how talented I was <bats eyes> I decided to start selling my creations for other people as well! So, here you have it, a sneak peak at what’s waiting for you over at my Etsy shop!


Valentine's Fox Bunting Girlie Prints Baby Bunting _DSC1928
Bunting can be used for so many different reasons! You can decorate a baby or a child’s room with it, use it for birthday parties, and for holidays!

Hair Bows & Clip On Bow TiesValentine's Bow Set Nautical Themed Bow Set Girlie Prints Bow Set

These come in sets or by themselves! How daper will your little man look with a bow tie clipped on to that onsie of his? And nothing completes a girls look like a bow in her hair!

Onsies With Snap On Bow Ties
Striped Onsie with Red Bow Tie Anchor Bow Tie with Onsie Striped Onsie with Anchor Bow Tie Valentine's Bow Ties with Onsies

You can buy any of the bows on our site in snap on form to go with a snap on onsie!
All bows are available in hair clip, clip on bow tie, and snap on bow tie forms. I will be adding some awesome items over the next few weeks so keep checking back in for more stuff! (Coming Soon: Fitted crib sheets, ruffled crib skirts, blankets, pillows, burp cloths, bibs, portable changing pads, onsie tutus and skirts, baby suspenders, headbands, ruffle diaper covers, and MUCH more!)
Use code ALLTHATGLITTERSBLOG to get 15% off of your order for the rest of the week! If you would be dolls and share my shop with anyone you know who is having/has a baby or needs gifts for someone else’s babies I would love you all forever and ever:)
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Sailor Stripes & Gold Polka Dots

Layered pearls with gold dots top

It has been an absolutely BEAUTIFUL last couple of days here in Austin! The sun is shining, the temperatures are up, and everyone seems so much happier! I really do believe that it is true that sunshine is good for the soul! I don’t know how I ever lived in the north with all of those dreary, snowy days for months at a time. I salute those of you who still do it! Haha! I was so happy to be able to break out some of my warmer werather clothing this weekend and this outfit was perfect for the sun!

Nude bow pumps and handbag Seersucker skirt with polka dot top Gold dots and sailor stripes Bows and pearls- preppy outfit Gold polka dots and seersucker skirt Bows and pearls- preppy outfit inspiration Bow clutch and monogrammed bangle Blue striped skirt with gold dot top Bow belt and pearl necklace with stripes and dots

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Shop Gold Polka Dot Items:

This outfit is one of my new faves! I wore it on Sunday and I am wearing parts of it again today…don’t judge! Haha! I have gotten so many compliments on this t-shirt every time I step foot out the door in it! It’s funny how adding something as simple as polka dots makes a plain white t-shirt into something AMAZING! I love it, and it was worth every penny:) I have been all about the pearls lately, and of course I had to wear my adorable Sweet & Southern Things monogrammed bracelet with the ensemble to make preppy even preppier. You guys really should jump on these, monograms will never go out of style and they are handmade! She even has adorable monogrammed jewelry dishes too! Well, if you are lucky (unlike me) and you have the day off I hope you are enjoying your day! If not, chug on through that work day and treat yourself tonight since you had to work and no one else did! Haha!

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