DIY Valentine’s Wreath

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I have never really been one for Valentine’s day. It wasn’t the bitter I don’t have a boyfriend kind of dislike, I just never really cared that much about a day when everyone and their mother are treated like a queen. Shouldn’t that be every day? Lol. Nothing bothers me more than the “my boyfriend is the best” posts followed by a picture of some flowers. Not really….you know it IS valentine’s day right? I mean, there is pretty much a requirement for him to have given you flowers and a card. I guess I just feel like it all puts way too much pressure on men to go out and spend money because they HAVE to. I would much rather receive flowers on April 3rd just because he felt like it.  Wes and I will probably go get some dinner and then come home and cuddle in front of the TV with Sophie:) No stress, no pressure, just spending a little time together as our sweet little family of three<3

That being said…though I don’t really celebrate it, I will not turn down a chance to decorate or make pretty crafts. I couldn’t wait five seconds after Christmas was over and was browsing Pinterest to find something fun to make for the next big holiday when I came across this one. I loved hers so much that I decided this is the one I had to make!

heart wreath from a pool noodle

I actually had an extra pool noodle lying around from my boot project. (I put noodles in my boots to keep them upright.) So, I started by cutting a triangle in the middle of it, and cutting the ends of the noodle so that it would all fit together into a heart! I used duck tape to keep it together and then began wrapping it in yarn. I only used about half a spool of yarn, but let me tell you….it took forever! Lol!

Pool Noodle Heart Wreath

After it was all wrapped in yarn, I started making the fabric flowers. I got 3 patterns of Valentine’s fabric and cut them into strips about an inch or two wide and anywhere from 6 inches to 12 inches long, depending on how big I wanted that flower to be. I tied a knot in the end of the fabric and then wrapped the fabric around it, turning it as I went. If you can’t really get a great picture of it from my description, here is a tutorial from Bower Power.

Fabric Flowers on heart wreath

I stuck all of the flowers into the noodle with little stick pins and voila! Heart shaped wreath!

What you’ll need: Pool noodle, yarn, pins, fabric

What do you think? Have any fun valentine’s crafts of your own? If you do, link them in the comments so I can explore!

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  1. Joy @ Yesterfood

    Megan, I enjoyed your observations on Valentine’s Day. I agree, contrived/forced gestures don’t mean as much as genuine, “I bought you flowers on April 3 for no reason” or even, “I mowed your lawn because I love you”. Years ago, my boyfriend mowed my lawn for me- just out of the blue, I hadn’t even mentioned it. Later, we were having a conversation about my frustration with his lack of romantic gestures. He looked at me incredulously and said, “Why do you think I mowed your lawn the other day?”

    I cringe in embarrassment about it now (how shallow was I?), but it’s a good reminder that guys say “I love you” in ways that we don’t always understand. One of the ways that my husband says “I love you” is to frequently check the tread on my tires. Romantic? It is to me. ♥

    I came over here to thank you for sharing your adorable pool noodle wreath with us at Treasure Box Tuesday, and got a wonderful and genuine reminder of what love is and how it shows itself. :) Thanks!

    1. Megan

      Thank you for your comment, Joy! That story really is a great way to show that some people show their love in ways that aren’t necessarily romantic to the rest of the world. I would much rather mu husband check the tread on my tires because he wants for me to be safe than buy me flowers because he thinks he needs to:) And thank you for hosting the link up, I love finding fun new blogs!


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