Move, Nourish, Believe Challenge: Week 1

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A you may know from this post last week, I joined in on the fun with Lorna Jane and Fit Approach with their Move, Nourish, Believe Blogger Challenge. Every day you had a different challenge to document via Instagram and/or Twitter and today is my recap of the week! Go follow me on Instagram and Twitter to follow along!

Monday: Sweat It Out

Today’s challenge was to show your favorite way to sweat. Well, lately it has been running and then lifting weights. I’m training for a half marathon in April and have actually gotten really good at running without dying. That’s huge for me, since last summer I absolutely despised running. Some things do change:)

Day 1- Favorite Work Out

Tuesday: Change It Up

Today’s challenge was to pick a new way to sweat and show your after work out selfie. Well, I don’t think anyone wants to see my after workout selfie….I sweat like you wouldn’t believe and I get all red in the face. So, I decided to show off my new #sweatpink gear that I got in the mail right after I got back from the gym instead. I chose to do a HIIT work out as my new way to sweat, and it was intense.

Day 3- After Run Selfie

Wednesday: Let’s Get Planking

Today’s challenge was to plank for 5 minutes. I haven’t done much planking in my life, so this one was much harder for me than I had anticipated. Planking is one rough activity, by 40 seconds I was absolutely shaking. Let’s just say that I had to break this one up throughout the day to actually achieve 5 minutes. I will be doing much more planking in the future, its so great for your core.

Day 2- 5 minutes plank

Thursday: Buddy Up!

Today’s challenge was to work out with a friend. Well, no one that I know in Austin really works out, so I went with Sophie. She’s my favorite running buddy, even though she can only make it about 2 miles before I have to drop her back off at home to rest. By the look on her face, Sophie thought Thursday should have been rest day…she was wrong:)

Day 4- Work out buddy
Friday: Five Fitness Favorites

Today’s challenge was to show my five fitness favorites. Well, I went with all of my work out gear, because new work out clothes are one of my biggest motivators. Who doesn’t love to be pink and pretty while getting their sweat on?

Day 5- Five Fitness  Favorites


I found some really awesome new people to follow on Twitter and Instagram this week through the challenge and also gained some great motivation from all of their posts! Go to the Facebook group to join in the fun next week!

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