Burgundy & Black For Fall

Plaid shirt with a skirt

It’s been a while! I’ve been super busy with life and haven’t had too much time to get to the blog lately! I did, however, want to share with you one of my favorite fall outfits! Hats are always a great way to add a little something to your outfit, and fall hats are a favorite of mine! I really wanted a burgundy hat since it’s one of my favorite fall colors, so when I was offered this one by the Brooklyn Hat Company I was psyched. (Yes, I just used the word “psyched”…lol) This whole outfit feels so put together and is great for a date night out or a day of shopping with the girls.
Gingham top with black skirt and hat Burgudy Hat with black buffalo plaid Burgundy Felt Hat from Brooklyn hat Co Brooklyn Hat Company Burgundy Hat Black and burgundy fall outfit

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Brooklyn Hat Company Hat  //  Target Gingham Shirt & Skirt  //  Target Burgundy Pumps  //  Bow Handbag- old  //  Charming Charlie Necklace and Bracelets

These pumps are some of my favorite fall heels and they match PERFECTLY with this hat! Adding a little pop of color to both the top and bottom of this outfit really sets it off:) I hope you all are having  fantastic fall and are getting some enjoyment out of your favorite fall trends! I know this is one of my favorite times of the year to dress for. Not too many layers too look bulky, but just enough to create a unique style!

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Patience Is A Virtue…That I Don’t Have

Navy shirt dress with floppy hat and boots
When spring first comes you can often hear me talking about how I wish I didn’t have to work inside and what I wouldn’t give to sit outside on my computer when I need to be doing indoor things. Come fall, I am SO glad I do work inside if only because of my lack of patience in waiting for fall to come. It has been much cooler here in Austin in the mornings, but other than that it has been 80+ degrees pretty consistently for the past few weeks. We have had a day or two here and there of cooler weather, but for the most part it has been warm. The reason I am so glad I work inside during the fall is because then I get to wear all of my pretty fall clothes and layers and it doesn’t bother me:) I have to dress for the real weather on Mondays because Monday is errand day, but other than that I am in full fall force! Looking at me while I’m at work, you would think it was 60 degrees outside daily. I’m sure my boss and the men at work all think I am crazy, but I just love fall fashion too much to miss out on any of it! When I get home from work I always have to “Texify” my fall outfits if we are going anywhere or eating out that night…but for the daytime I get to dream that it really is 60 outside. Don’t worry, I still love my hot Texas weather, I’ll be over fall by November and back to bragging that it’s 80 when it’s 40 everywhere else:)
Navy Shirt dress with boots Navy Shirt Dress- Fall Outfit Inspiration Floral Navy Dress with Floppy Hat Fall Outfit Inspiration- Navy Shirt Dres with Floppy HatAll That Glitters- Fall outfit inspiration, the shirt dress Navy shirt dress with boots and camel bag Fall daisies Cute shirt dress with hat and boots
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Target Shirt Dress  //  Charming Charlie Boots & Handbag  //  White Plum Hat  //  Aldo Sunglasses  //  Charming Charlie Bracelets
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In my defense it is chilly in the office sometimes. I work with a bunch of men so the air is turned pretty low most of the time. This outfit is a example of that “Texifican” technique I was talking about earlier. The cardigan and tights have come off and I am ready to venture out into the real world where I would die of heat stroke otherwise. Do you live in a hot climate? If so, do you like to pretend its cold out too?:)
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Styling A Fall Romper

Burgundy Romper with Brown Floppy Hat

It’s gone. And by it, I mean my hair. No, I didn’t shave my head…but these pictures are the last of the beyond long hair. Now, as my hair dresser told me, my hair is still “really long” in normal people standards lol, but to me, and compared to what it was, it’s gone! Haha! I went last night to get a hair cut and haven’t had time to take any photos yet, so you will just have to wait until next week to see it:)Brown fall hat with burgundy romper Burgundy and brown outfit inspiration for fall

Burgundy shorts with tall brown boots

Brown felt fall hat Shades of brown with burgundy Fall felt brimmed hat with burgundy Burgundy with brown accents

Cognac brown boots with burgundy romper

Burgundy dress with brown floppy fall hatGet The Look:
Target Romper  //  White Plum Hat  //  Aldo Sunglasses  //  Francesca’s Earrings  //  DSW Boots  //  Charming Charlie Handbag

Similar Styles:

I saw this romper when I was roaming around Target one day and I knew it would be perfect for Texas fall. You know, still hot, but dreaming of days when you can wear jeans and not sweat through them. The burgundy color is perfect for fall and the fact that it involves shorts makes me so happy:) I can even wear it once it does get a bit chilly with a pair of tights:) I wish I would have gone one size down because the top half is a little big on me, but it was really comfortable and I love, LOVE the color!

The boots and hat really give it the extra fall flair. If you have been around for a while, you will recognize these boots from last year, they are my favorite. They are beginning to look a bit shabby though, so I may need to find another pair this fall. What would you add to a romper to make it fall ready?

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Boho Chic

Ok, so I really need to stop browsing online stores. Really. It’s a problem. I was looking around this week, as usual, and when I got to Charming Charlie’s website I fell in love with the entire outfit on the model. (see below) <sigh> I don’t need to shop more. (Just keep saying it, then maybe you’ll believe it, right?) I just had to share with all of you, maybe one of you can buy it all and I can borrow it, eh? Lol! I linked to all of the products below, except for the hat. I can’t believe they don’t have this hat on the site, big mistake…so I linked to another kind of like it. Oh, Charming Charlie, you have done it again…

Charming Charlie Boho Chic

 Hat (They didn’t have this hat on the site <dumb> so here’s a similar one)
Scarf/ Necklace/ Top/ Sunglasses/Cutest Boots Ever (Not pictured)

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