Valentine’s Day 101: Hot Cocoa Party

chocolate covered smores with sharis berries

Valentine’s day isn’t my thing and it never has been really. I just know that I would rather my husband buy me flowers on some random day in July than on the day when he feels obligated to do so by social pressures. It means much more and it doesn’t put pressure on him to do something like spend A LOT of $$$ on some roses that would normally be half the price. That being said, I love to do fun things like having a party with friends or do something free like going for a hike in the greenbelt.

So, for those of you like me, who prefer not to spend their Valentine’s day squished at a tiny table between two teenage couples making out because they added 10 more tables to their restaurant for the one day….here’s an idea for your party:) Two of my favorite words: hot chocolate. A hot chocolate party can be so much fun!

Hot Chocolate and Smores Hot cocoa party with smores Hot chocolate party with Shari's Berries

You can start by having different TYPES of hot chocolate. Crock Pot Hot ChocolateMexican Hot Chocolate, Mint Hot Chocolate, White Hot Chocolate. Once you’ve picked your types, you can start adding booze! Then add in the rest of the barchocolate stirring spoons, homemade marshmallows, mints, caramels, and of course a little bit of dessert! I got these chocolate covered s’mores from Shari’s Berries and OMG! First of all, they are HUGE! Second, they just taste so gooooood. I can’t even handle it! They are the perfect dessert to go with your hot cocoa:) The best part? Shari’s Berries makes them and delivers them so that you don’t have to! I may have gotten these ones courtesy of Shari’s Berries, but you can bet your *** I will be buying them again. Totally worth it:)

What are your plans for Valentine’s day?

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