Nautical Is The New Black

Navy and white dress with mint handbag

You’ll have to excuse the blurryish pictures today. I’m not really sure what was up with my camera this past weekend when I took these. <sigh> This outfit makes me happy. Nautical themed is one of my favorite ways to dress and when I saw this dress at Target I knew I was going to need it. It’s cute, it’s comfortable, and it was only $25. Score for Megan! This past weekend was beautiful here, as you can tell from the photos. So far this week, not so beautiful. It rained all day long yesterday and has been chilly. I want my spring weather to come back so that I can continue to wear pretty spring dresses like this one! Navy and white nautical striped dress from Target Nautical striped dress with mint handbag and gold jewelry Nautical look- Navy and white stripes with mint Target blue and white striped dress with mint handbag Nautical dress with pink lips and mint crossbody Mint riveted handbag with gold accessories and striped dressGet The Look:

Target Dress  & Wedges  //  Charming Charlie Handbag, Necklace, Sunglasses, & Bracelets

I have been doing so well with my steps on my Jawbone! I still absolutely love it! I took over 16,000 steps yesterday and over 11,000 the day before! Woot woot! I’m kicking everyone at work’s behinds which is always fun since I’m the girl. I’ve also been keeping track of my food on My Fitness Pal which has really been an eye opener for how many calories I am actually consuming. Sugar too…I have a sugar addiction and it’s a problem. I really think this is the beginning of a new lifestyle for me which is awesome. I have always worked out, but now I have a little bit more motivation to do so and these apps are super great for keeping yourself in check! I hope everyone else is having a wonderful (and healthy) week! Thanks for stopping by!

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Bright Is Best

Colorful spring outfit inspirationIt’s Monday yet again. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed the Super Bowl if you watched it. We had it on in the background while Wes and I did some work and payed attention for the commercials, the half time show, and that fight there at the end! Are you surprised? Probably not…..

I did a lot of crafting this weekend for my new Etsy site, and watched a lot of Bones. Wes and I have been watching every season on Netflix for the past month or so and are finally on the last season. Let me just say, we saw the first few episodes of the season and I cried like a little baby. I don’t want to give it away in case you haven’t seen it, but I was distraught. Me=not a happy camper. I also bought a Jawbone UP24 on Saturday afternoon which I am SUPER pumped about. We are doing a fitness challenge at work and our company is paying $100 towards a tracker of our choice. After debating with myself and researching for a week or so I picked the Jawbone. I am loving it so far! I’ll have to give you all a run down of the features some time soon, but after using it for 2 days I am satisfied with my purchase:) I can tell already it is going to be a great big step for me in becoming healthier overall.

Green cardigan- perfect for spring outfits Green spring outfit- Target pencil skrit and Old Navy cardigan Mint handbag with gold rivet trim Cream bow tie top with cardigan Gold and white headband

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Target Skirt (old)  //  Old Navy Cardigan  //  Delia’s Top (old)  //  Charming Charlie Pumps & Handbag  //  Sam Moon Headband  //  Steinmart Sunglasses

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I loooove the bow tie top in today’s outfit. I have had this top for years, since back in the retail working days and it has stuck around since. I have seen a lot of these bow tie tops around lately and can proudly say that I’ve had mine for years:) Haha! I think it classes an outfit up a little bit and gives it an extra bit of personality. After all, bows are my favorite and any way that I can incorporate them into my wardrobe is the best!

Stay tuned later this week for my Jawbone review and hopefully for a little Valentine craft that you will all love!! Have a wonderful Monday and thanks for reading!

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Layering Like A Pro: Mint & Lavender


Happy hump day, everyone! I thought that it was going to be much harder than it has been to get back into the swing of real life after the holidays. Thank goodness, because the feelings I was having on Sunday night were no bueno! I was totally ready to curl up on my couch eating cake and avoid the world for a few weeks! Lol! Thankfully I have a wonderful job that hasn’t stressed me out too badly over the past few days. Lucky girl right here:)  Layering like a pro- mint and lavendar layers upon layers- pearls and pastels Lavendar sweater layered with a mint button down I love the preppy pearls with the layered look Pandora silver bow ring Button down layered with a sweater Lavendar and mint- great color combo Lavendar and mint- I LOVE this color combo


Get The Look:
American Eagle Sweater  //  Target Button Down (Old, but this one is similar and has flamingos!)  //  TJ Maxx Denim  //  Yellow Box Shoes  //  Charming Charlie Handbag, Sunglasses, & Pearls  //  Pandora Silver Bow Ring  //  Rocksbox Earrings
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Today’s outfit was one I wore this past weekend. I was Pinteresting one day and saw a really cute bedroom decorated in lavender and mint. My first thought was that I needed to redecorate our bedroom, but after smacking myself in the face and remembering that I don’t NEED to redecorate anything I decided on an outfit instead! I got this sweater last winter on super sale at American Eagle and it is super soft, but has big gaps in the holes so it definitely needs to be layered with something. Enter the mint striped shirt! Target is my go to store for cute button down shirts and this one has been one of my favorites (besides my chambray). I think the colors look fantastic together and wish I owned more lavender to pair the two more often!
I really hope mint is back in this year, because it is the prettiest color ever. Actually, I could really care less if it is “in” because I’m going to wear it all the time anyways:) Anyone else love mint as much as I do?
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Preppy Blue Stripes

Preppy blue striped top

Hi Lovelies!

I would say happy Monday, but I am just not feeling Monday this week. Not like I am ever overjoyed with excitement for Monday, but this week seems especially yucky. The weekend just went by too quickly, and it was a beautiful/relaxing one. This was my Sunday Funday outfit yesterday and I love it, though I have to say it is getting a little too hot for pants. I’m going to have to throw on my white shorts or a white skirt with this one next time.

Preppy blue striped top Preppy blue striped top Preppy blue striped top Preppy blue striped top Preppy blue striped top Preppy blue striped top Preppy blue striped topGet The Look:
JC Penney Denim/ Charming Charlie Handbag/ Forever 21 Sandals/ Charming Charlie Watch & Bracelets/ Splendidbee Bow/ Charming Charlie Necklace

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Next weekend will be a crazy one, since our friend Bryan will be in town from Michigan. We’re planning to have a party in the new backyard and get in lots of sun:) Only 4 more days!

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A Braided Bun For A Lazy Fashion Blogger

Hi Lovelies!

Have you ever had those days weeks where you just didn’t feel like doing your hair? Yeah, last week was one of those weeks. If you didn’t notice, I wore a bun every single day, in every post. Ha! Well, I tried really hard at the beginning of the week and had my hair straight and down, but….I have gotten lazy again. Lol. The bun is just SO easy and I think it looks classy:) Today, I went a little out of my bun box and added in a little braid…..

Floral pants and mint

Floral pants and mint

Floral pants and mint

Floral pants and mint

Floral pants and mint

Braided sock bun

Floral pants and mint

Braided sock bun
Get The Look:
Sweater: Target, Pants: Target, Shoes: Payless, Handbag: Charming Charlie, Necklace & Earrings: Lulus, Sunglasses: Aldo

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I go through this all the time. I really want to do my hair nicely every morning before work. And then 7:00 rolls around and I am rushing to get Sophie walked, my clothes on, and my make up done in 30 minutes. Sometimes pretty hair just isn’t in the cards for me…guess that’s what I get for having ridiculously LONG hair. Some days I just want to cut it all off…it would be SO much easier.

What’s your go to lazy day hair style?

Until tomorrow…

xox Megan

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