Lace and Cowboy Boots + Allergy Craziness

Lace top with a bow handbag

Hi Lovelies!

I am so excited by how nice it has been here in Texas the past couple of days! It was 80 degrees yesterday, and you can bet I was running around with no coat on soaking up that sunshine! It was such a nice day I just had to take some pictures:) It’s going to be a little colder than 80 the rest of the week, but I will take my 60s and 70s over that polar vortex any day! Lol!

Lace and bows

Lace and Mustard

Lace top with mustard

Cowboy boots and bow bag

Cowboy boots and lace

Bow Handbag
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Lace Top: Delias’s, Tank Top: Target, Denim: H&M, Boots: Francesca’s, Handbag: Charming Charlie, Bracelet: Charming Charlie, Sunglasses: Aldo, Flower: Forever 21, Necklace: I don’t even remember:)

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So, yesterday was the big allergy test. Oh my goodness was it awful! First they bring out 6 panels that have 10 prickers on them. Each pricker has an allergen on it and they rub them into your inner arms so that it “scratches” your arm. Then they make you sit for 20 minutes while your arms feel as though they are on fire and itch like CRAZY! After you wait for what seems like 5 years for them to come back, they measure how big all of the welts are. This is where they decide which ones you reacted to and get shots ready for each one. So here’s the great part: They test you for 60 allergens…..<drumroll> I tested positive for 57 of them. Which meant I had to get a shot 57 TIMES! Yes, you heard me correctly, I had 57 shots yesterday. I now have bruised track marks to show off to all of my lovely coworkers and gym mates. Worst experience ever. Well, I guess now I know I am allergic to everything.  No really…cockroaches, mice, cats, dogs…every tree, weed, mold, and grass ever. I guess that’s why I feel like crap ALL year round. Lol.

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