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Colorful spring outfit inspirationIt’s Monday yet again. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed the Super Bowl if you watched it. We had it on in the background while Wes and I did some work and payed attention for the commercials, the half time show, and that fight there at the end! Are you surprised? Probably not…..

I did a lot of crafting this weekend for my new Etsy site, and watched a lot of Bones. Wes and I have been watching every season on Netflix for the past month or so and are finally on the last season. Let me just say, we saw the first few episodes of the season and I cried like a little baby. I don’t want to give it away in case you haven’t seen it, but I was distraught. Me=not a happy camper. I also bought a Jawbone UP24 on Saturday afternoon which I am SUPER pumped about. We are doing a fitness challenge at work and our company is paying $100 towards a tracker of our choice. After debating with myself and researching for a week or so I picked the Jawbone. I am loving it so far! I’ll have to give you all a run down of the features some time soon, but after using it for 2 days I am satisfied with my purchase:) I can tell already it is going to be a great big step for me in becoming healthier overall.

Green cardigan- perfect for spring outfits Green spring outfit- Target pencil skrit and Old Navy cardigan Mint handbag with gold rivet trim Cream bow tie top with cardigan Gold and white headband

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Target Skirt (old)  //  Old Navy Cardigan  //  Delia’s Top (old)  //  Charming Charlie Pumps & Handbag  //  Sam Moon Headband  //  Steinmart Sunglasses

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I loooove the bow tie top in today’s outfit. I have had this top for years, since back in the retail working days and it has stuck around since. I have seen a lot of these bow tie tops around lately and can proudly say that I’ve had mine for years:) Haha! I think it classes an outfit up a little bit and gives it an extra bit of personality. After all, bows are my favorite and any way that I can incorporate them into my wardrobe is the best!

Stay tuned later this week for my Jawbone review and hopefully for a little Valentine craft that you will all love!! Have a wonderful Monday and thanks for reading!

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Sailor Stripes & Gold Polka Dots

Layered pearls with gold dots top

It has been an absolutely BEAUTIFUL last couple of days here in Austin! The sun is shining, the temperatures are up, and everyone seems so much happier! I really do believe that it is true that sunshine is good for the soul! I don’t know how I ever lived in the north with all of those dreary, snowy days for months at a time. I salute those of you who still do it! Haha! I was so happy to be able to break out some of my warmer werather clothing this weekend and this outfit was perfect for the sun!

Nude bow pumps and handbag Seersucker skirt with polka dot top Gold dots and sailor stripes Bows and pearls- preppy outfit Gold polka dots and seersucker skirt Bows and pearls- preppy outfit inspiration Bow clutch and monogrammed bangle Blue striped skirt with gold dot top Bow belt and pearl necklace with stripes and dots

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Lucy and Lyla Top  //  Target Skirt (old)  //  Charming Charlie Heels & Handbag  //  Vintage Pearls  //  Sweet & Southern Things Monogrammed Bangle  //  Steinmart Sunglasses

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This outfit is one of my new faves! I wore it on Sunday and I am wearing parts of it again today…don’t judge! Haha! I have gotten so many compliments on this t-shirt every time I step foot out the door in it! It’s funny how adding something as simple as polka dots makes a plain white t-shirt into something AMAZING! I love it, and it was worth every penny:) I have been all about the pearls lately, and of course I had to wear my adorable Sweet & Southern Things monogrammed bracelet with the ensemble to make preppy even preppier. You guys really should jump on these, monograms will never go out of style and they are handmade! She even has adorable monogrammed jewelry dishes too! Well, if you are lucky (unlike me) and you have the day off I hope you are enjoying your day! If not, chug on through that work day and treat yourself tonight since you had to work and no one else did! Haha!

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Shimmer & Shine

Gold shimmery dress

This is the outfit I wore to my company’s holiday party. I have been looking for a dress pretty much exactly like this for about 2 years now. I found one like this at Kohl’s back then, but I didn’t buy it. Why didn’t I buy it?!? Lol! Oh well, I found this one a few weeks ago and bough it immediately! I love the colors, I love the cut, and I love my layered pearls with it:) I’m not sure where the coat was from because I’ve had it since I was 10. Yes, since I was 10. My Mom bought one for my sister and I and needless to say, I was huge on me. I’m going to go ahead and say it’s vintage since it’s at least 17 years old…but now I’m starting to feel old…lol.

Gold shimmery Starburst dress Gold sparkley dress Gold dress with black furry coat Gold dress and gifts Gold shimmery dress with black fur coat Gold dress with black jacket Gold shimmery dress with a black fur coat Fuzzy black coat Black fur coatBlack fuzzy coat with a gold glittery dress Christmas dress and presentsGet The Look:

Charming Charlie Dress (Not avaiable online anymore, but still in stores! This one is cute though too!)  //  DSW Heels  //  Charming Charlie Pearls & Bracelet  //  Vintage Handbag  //  Vintage Jacket

Shop Gold Dresses Under $100:

The only advice I have for everyone this week, is to breathe. I saw/heard so many people freaking out this weekend because Christmas is so close, but everyone just needs to keep calm and breathe:) The only thing that will matter on Christmas morning, is the people you are with! I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas week! I will probably see you tomorrow!

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