12 Days Of Christmas Crafts Day 11: Christmas Sparkle Frames

12 days of Christmas Crafts

Hi Lovelies!

Today’s craft is very easy and doesn’t require a whole lot of new supplies.  I took a frame that was already up in my house, wrapping paper, scissors, and some sparkly ornaments that I had from previous crafts.

Christmas Sparkle Frame

Cut a small piece of wrapping paper and fold it around the glass from the frame so that it fits perfectly into the frame.

Christmas Sparkle Frame

Put the glittery ornament inside the frame and place the paper in behind it. The close the frame and put it up on your wall!

Christmas Sparkle Frame

Or place it on your shelf:) Easy peasy Christmas craft #11 done!

Christmas Sparkle Frame

All of these crafts are making me so excited for Christmas. Have any of you made any cool Christmas crafts this season? If you have, put your link in my comments!

Until tomorrow…

xox Megan

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