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IT’S HALLOWEEN! Yay! Halloween, as I am sure I have told you a million times, is my favorite! It’s odd, because I don’t really like masked people, clowns, creepy looking dolls, etc. but I absolutely LOVE Halloween. I guess I have always loved the cutesy side of Halloween, not the dark side so it makes a little more sense when you think about it that way. Give me a showing of Hocus Pocus, some awesome decorations (not the gory kind), and a creative DIY costume and I am in Halloween Heaven! If you missed my Halloween costume post from Sunday night, I am dressing as the Queen of Hearts tonight:) I am so excited because we will FINALLY have trick or treaters this year! (Cross your fingers) Last year we lived in a duplex in a neighborhood that had no children, but this year we live in a real house, with real neighbors that have REAL kids!! I am so pumped if you can’t tell! A few of our friends are dressing up and coming over to pass out candy and have a few drinks and Halloween snacks with us. Should be a grand time:) Since I already shared my costume with y’all, and I showed my cute Halloween outfit with Busy Being Jennifer’s readers, I don’t have an outfit post for today. I will leave you instead, with an awesome Forever 21 sale that’s going on this weekend! You can save 20% with the code F21FRIEND. EndsĀ 11/2/14. Enjoy my picks!

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