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Aztec print cotton shorts

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I spent mine in Houston with my best friend and we had a blast shopping, eating, gossiping, eating some more….having a bit of wine:) It was so nice to see her two weekends in a row, and I’m sure it will be strange not to see her again for a little while. The shopping was exceptionally wonderful since I had won a $150 Visa gift card at work on Friday! I bought two pairs of Kendra Scott earrings with it and even had some left over to run to Target! I’ll definitely be posting some outfits with my new earrings in the coming weeks because they are beautiful!Turquoise top with aztec shorts Turquoise chiffon tank with coral purse Turquoise chiffon top with aztec shorts Turquoise chiffon tank and aztec print cotton shorts
Coral bow handbang Aztec print for spring 2015 Aztec cotton shorts with chiffon tank

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Macy’s Tank Top  //  Macy’s Shorts  //  Charming Charlie Handbag  //  Very Jane Wedges  //  Kendra Scott Necklace & Earrings

This outfit is SO comfortable! Heather and I actually bought the same one last weekend when she was in Austin. I got a turquoise top and she got a coral one:) I am so happy that comfy shorts like these are back in this spring! They make it so much easier to enjoy the hot summer here in Texas! When it’s 100 degrees outside, it’s not just about the amount of clothing you are wearing, the comfort level has to be high as well! I will get a lot of use out of these in the months to come I’m sure of it!

In other news, today marks the beginning of my first whole30. If you don’t know much about the whole30, you should go to the site and explore! It’s basically a way of detoxing your body over 30 days by cutting out all grains, dairy, soy, legumes, sugar, alcohol, carrageenan, MSG, or sulfites. According to a lot of testimonials and people I know personally, it really does make you feel amazing! It helps you stop cravings for all sorts of unhealthy things and MY real goal is to break my addiction to sugar and pasta! These two things are my biggest challenges when trying to eat healthy and I feel like if I can break my habit in 30 days I will be so much healthier over the long run and will feel better too! Your diet can be effecting you in so many negative ways. Poor diets can lead to aches and pains, inability to lose weight no matter how much you exercise, headaches, skin issues, digestive problems, allergies, infertility, etc. Now, the program doesn’t claim to fix all of these issues, as some may actually have another cause, but it’s worth a try to see if they are linked, right? So, here I am…trying it out. Wish me luck, it’s going to be rough for me for a few days! I’ll be sure to keep you guys all updated on my progress and how everything is going. If you are interested in starting a whole30 soon, let me know and maybe we can be email buddies and support each other!

How was everyone else’s Easter weekend, what did you do?

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Making The Average Pop

Black and white and pink outfit- from Kendra Scott and Old Navy

What an absolutely beautiful weekend we had here! The sun was shining, it was a beautiful temperature, and I wore dresses the entire time:) It felt like such a productive weekend too! I got in over 17,000 steps on my Jawbone Saturday, went for a 2.63 mile run, made a great new recipe, did some housework, and still managed to spend some time hangin’ with the husband watching New Girl on Netflix! <Sigh> Is it Friday again yet?

Today’s outfit is one from the beautiful weekend. This dress from Old Navy has been one of my favorites since I bought it last fall and I have been dying to wear it again in some warm weather, WITHOUT tights! Sometimes all it takes to add a little pizazz (yes, I just said the word pizazz) to an outfit is throwing in a pop of color. It’s amazing how one bright color can liven up the entire black and white outfit! For those of your questioning a Kendra Scott purchase like the Rayne necklace, let me just tell you I LOVE mine. I had thought about this magenta one for MONTHS before I actually bought up the courage to spend the $$$, but it was well worth the wait. I have worn this baby with so many different outfits and it always, without a doubt MAKES the entire outfit. Pick a color that will pop, but will match a lot of your clothing and you should be good to go. I also have it in the black and gold which I love for outfits that are already bright, but the magenta is by far my favorite. I am a pink girl after all:) #ilovepink

Leopard print bangle from Sweet Southern Things Etsy Shop Black and white dress with pink accessories Leopard monogrammed bangle bracelet- Sweet Southern Things Black and white striped dress with pink pops Black and white with pink accents- outfit inspiration Black and white striped Old Navt Dress with pink necklace and purse Black and white dress with pink accents- great spring outfitGet The Look:

Old Navy Dress  //  Target Wedges (Similar)  //  Michael Kors Crossbody  //  Kendra Scott Necklace & Earrings  //  Sweet and Southern Things Leopard Bangle  //  Charming Charlie Bracelets & Sunglasses  //  Jawbone

Well, I hope that everyone has a wonderful Monday and I will see you back here tomorrow for a fun little Valentine’s tutorial! Thanks for reading!

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Striped And Ruffled

Black and white striped dress

Hi Lovelies!

My absence yesterday was a much needed break. I have been so stressed out lately I just needed to take a day off:) I spent Monday night talking to the neighbors while our dogs played and then eating dinner and watching a thunderstorm with Wes. It was relaxing and it was so nice to just sit and hang out with no deadlines and nothing of importance to do.

Black with ruffles Classic black and white outfit Black and white stripes with ruffles Black and white skirt with black top Black and white striped dress with Kate Spade bag Black and white dress with stripes Black and white outfitGet The Look:

Kohls dress (Similar), GoJane wedges (Similar), Kate Spade clutch (Similar), Charming Charlie bracelet (Similar), Charming Charlie necklace (Similar), Headband, Aldo sunglasses

 I wanted to say thank you to everyone who commented and emailed me about Monday’s post. It was one of those that I didn’t know whether or not to publish and after all of the wonderful comments, I am glad I did! You are all wonderful and I am thankful for you every day:) That being said, expect a post about the trolls of the internet to come soon…lol!

Today’s outfit is one that I haven’t worn in ages. When I worked at Charming Charlie you had to wear all black with only a little bit of white. At the time I accepted the job it was fine since half of my clothes were black anyways (yay Kappa Alpha Theta), but after over a year of black and white 5 times per week, it got more than a little bit old. Let’s just say that for the past year since I got my new job I have been trying to steer clear of this color scheme. I found this little number in the back of the dress section in my closet and realized I hadn’t worn it since CC. I had forgotten how much I LOVE this dress. It’s comfortable, classy, and perfectly work appropriate (for my job at least). I bought it about 2 years ago from Kohls and although I don’t see it on the website now, I was in a few weekends ago and they have an identical one in the store.I hope you all have a wonderful hump day and I will see you tomorrow!

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