Polka Dots and Teal

Polka dot sweater with a teal shirt

I am back from my 3 day weekend and I am SO tired! It was such a great weekend with our friends and I’m sad it’s over already. I love that our group of friends has stayed in touch so well and that we have such a great time when we’re all back together. I’m pretty sure I have eaten more food since they got in on Thursday than I usually do in two weeks time…no joke. Time to get back on the work out train and start my training schedule for the half marathon in March. Polka dot cardigan with teal button down Polka dots layered with teal top Polka dots and pearls Polka dot outfit inspiration Monogrammed gold bangle braceletGet The Look:

Target Cardigan  //  Forever 21 Denim  //  Alloy Booties  //  Charming Charlie Top  //  Zulilly Bracelet  //  Kate Spade Clutch via Nordstrom Rack  //  Target Pearls  //  Aldo Sunglasses

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This outfit is from last week and I love it! Layering is one of my favorite parts of fall and winter style and I have been dying to style this teal button down again since this post last fall. Once again, this polka dot sweater has been on repeat since I bought it earlier in the fall. It’s so comfortable and you really can’t go wrong with polka dots.  I’m still trying to play catch up from a busy weekend, so we’ll see if I make it back with a post tomorrow. If not, I will see you all on Thursday!

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Those Limited Too Days Keep Coming Back To Haunt Me

Plaid skort with knee high boots

I’ll try not to talk about my Limited Too days again for a whole post like I did last week, but this skirt reminds me of it. It reminds me of the first day of 5th grade pulling up to school in my plaid skort…man I was the coolest kid ever. Actually, I really wasn’t. I was the new kid in school and I was a big nerd to be totally honest. I might have looked amazing that first day of school, but don’t let my plaid skirt fool you. I owned lime green shorts that made it down to my knees and a penguin shirt I let my Mom make me wear. I also had these awesome London themed Doc Martins I wore with shorts and a LTD2 shirt. I won’t even make you imagine it, I’ll go right ahead and show you how it was….Floppy hat with a skort and blouse Plaid skort with a floppy hat Fall Fashion Inspiration- Plaid and a floppy hat Blue skort with knee high suede boots Gold accessories for fall Navy Charming Charlie Handbag with cognac boots Navy plaid skort with Navy satchel

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Forever 21 Skort  // Charming Charlie Shirt & Handbag  //  DSW Boots  //  White Plum Hat  //  Aldo Sunglasses  //  Charming Charlie Bracelets
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Yeah, I know. Let’s not talk about it any longer….let’s talk about today’s outfit! I wore this one a few weekends ago to get a little shopping in. It was comfy, cute, and functional since it was a sunny day and this hat kept it out of my eyes:) I can’t bring myself to wear a skirt/shorts this short to work by themselves (even though I can wear whatever I want), but I plan to put on some brown leggings or some thick tights with boots once it gets a little chillier out and rock this look to work as well. I might even throw on my fur vest and a statement necklace with it. You know, get those men at work looking at me like I have 3 heads. They don’t understand me and they never will, but I’m really okay with that:)
Are there any styles out right now that remind you of your child hood?
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Recent Steals

Recent Steals
1 Cardigans  //  2 Burgundy Pumps  //  3 Midi Skirt  //  4 Plaid Bow  //  5 Houndstooth Pumps  //  6 Leopard Pumps

I have been finding some REALLY great deals on the cutest stuff lately and I just wanted to share some of them with you:)

1. These cardigans from Target are so cute! They are also on sale BOGO 50% off right now, which is awesome and make it $35 for both! I got the leopard and the polka dots, but they have a few other cute patterns including one in the same pattern as this dress.

2. These burgundy pumps are SO comfy! I always try heels on, think they are comfy, and then cry or change half way through the day but these weren’t like that! I wore them all day at work and my feet didn’t feel like they wanted to die! These are also BOGO 50% and come in 4 colors including teal which I am fighting the urge to buy:)

3. I actually got this skirt in black and in the pink. So cute. be aware that they do run a bit small though. So cute and I plan to wear it with all of my new pumps:) Oh yeah, and it’s $19.90…seriously a skirt for under $20? No wonder I bought 2!

4. This bow is larger than like and I LOVE it. Plaid is already selling out everywhere and this bow is only $2.80. Can you possibly find a cuter and cheaper way to add a little plaid to your outfit?

5. Ok, so I went a little over board with the shoes, but I just couldn’t help myself when I saw these on the commercial! Houndstooth is my stuff! Also, $14.99 and not a super high heel…sign me up. I’m ALL about a good deal!

6. Last pair of pumps for a while…lol! I needed leopard heels. And by need I meant I keep seeing them everywhere and then when I click the links they lead me to $100 leopard heels. Umm….$100 for LEOPARD shoes? Not happening….leopard may always be in style, but I just can’t justify that. These on the other hand are only $19.99 so obviously I put them in my cart right along side those houndstooth babies up there:)

Have you found any great steals lately?

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Polka Dots Are My Favorite

Black and white polka dot dress with yellow shoes

It’s Friday again! <Everyone sighs in relief> It’s been an extremely busy two weeks at work for me after having taken on some new tasks, and I need a little break from work (and that includes house work lol):) My parents are coming in to town tonight for the weekend, and we have plans to go to the farmer’s market to get some fresh produce which I am super pumped about (I feel old). There are so many farmers markets in Austin and after 3 years we still haven’t been to one! I know, we’re crazy! Black and white polka dots with pink statement necklace Black and white dress Kate spade clutch and polka dot sunnies Black and white polka dotted dress Add a pop of color to a black and white dress with a statement necklace Pink and yellow pops with a black and white outfit A pop of pink with black and white polka dots Black and white polka dot skirt with yellow peep toe heels

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Forever 21 Dress (This dress is old, but there are Forever 21 Coupon codes here)/ Sam Moon Necklace/ Charming Charlie Belt, Heels, and Sunglasses/ Kate Spade Clutch via Nordstrom Rack

Similar Styles:

Today’s outfit is what I wore to work yesterday. Ever since I quit my job at Charming Charlie over a year ago, I have been trying to wear a little less black and white (that’s all we could wear at work). So, needless to say, I haven’t worn this dress in over a year. I forgot how much I love it! Polka dots really are one of the best patterns ever. I really want to get a black and white striped clutch to wear with it next time and throw a little pattern mix in to the equation. If Charming Charlie taught me one thing, it was that colored pieces looks FANTASTIC with black and white. I almost threw on my black wedges from Target with this outfit, but when I saw these little yellow ones sitting there I realized that I was trying to be too safe. Live a little right? Yellow and pink look fabulous together anyways!

If you want to follow along on our adventures this weekend you can follow me on Instagram, my absolute favorite social media:) What are your plans for the weekend, anything fun?

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charmingcharlie New Arrivals

Preppy Blue Stripes

Preppy blue striped top

Hi Lovelies!

I would say happy Monday, but I am just not feeling Monday this week. Not like I am ever overjoyed with excitement for Monday, but this week seems especially yucky. The weekend just went by too quickly, and it was a beautiful/relaxing one. This was my Sunday Funday outfit yesterday and I love it, though I have to say it is getting a little too hot for pants. I’m going to have to throw on my white shorts or a white skirt with this one next time.

Preppy blue striped top Preppy blue striped top Preppy blue striped top Preppy blue striped top Preppy blue striped top Preppy blue striped top Preppy blue striped topGet The Look:
JC Penney Denim/ Charming Charlie Handbag/ Forever 21 Sandals/ Charming Charlie Watch & Bracelets/ Splendidbee Bow/ Charming Charlie Necklace

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Next weekend will be a crazy one, since our friend Bryan will be in town from Michigan. We’re planning to have a party in the new backyard and get in lots of sun:) Only 4 more days!

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