Little Texas Love

Mini Texas State Tank Top

I love this tank top. Who doesn’t want a super comfy tank top with little Texas’ all over it? It’s so versatile too! I know that a lot of you ladies haven’t bought a tank like this with the gaping sides because you just don’t know how to wear it . Obviously, you can wear it with a bandeau, but let’s be real, we’re not all 17 years old. Not that I don’t rock a bandeau every once in a while, but not usually with a shirt that would show off as much skin as this one would. So, I teamed up with Lakshmi Love Online Boutique to share two ways to wear this little number:)

Southward Apparel Texas Top Texas Tank top and Sprechers Southward Apparel Texas TankAlbion Fit Petal Pants

Look #1 features these pants from Albion Fit I got last fall. I was so pumped when I saw that the states were in grey and  that they would match my pants:) This is the perfect look for a little yoga, or just lounging around in your back yard over the weekend. I paired it with a darker grey tank and I really love the way it turned out!

Baggy tank top over a bodycon dress Texas tank topTexas Tank and bodycon dress Little Texas Tank topLook #2 involves another one of my favorite pieces that no one ever knows what to do with, a body con dress. I got this one from H&M and I am always looking for new, fun ways to style it. A cute, baggy tank goes over it perfectly and I love the way the body con dress gives you a little bit more of a shape.

Texas Tank Two Ways

If you are looking for some cute Southern tanks and tees, Lakshmi Love has them all! They sell a brand called Southward Apparel and they are all too cute! Right now they are up to 50% off, so you better move fast! This one might be the next one I need:) I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Get Look #1:
Lakshmi Love Texas Tank/ Albion Fit Capris/ Target Keds/ Bebe Tank Top/ Charming Charlie Sunglasses

Get Look #2:
Lakshmi Love Texas Tank/ H&M Body Con Dress/ Target Wedges/ Target Crossbody/ Sam Moon Texas Necklace/Aldo Sunglasses

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Memorial Day Inspiration

Hi Lovelies!

Memorial day came SO quickly this year I didn’t get much of a chance to plan. I don’t have a specific outfit planned out, I don’t have my menu together, and I don’t have set plans. This is SO unlike me! I am little miss planner who makes 15 to do lists per day, and it is driving me nuts that I don’t have anything set! Lol!

Wes and I were going to take a trip up to Michigan, but once we bought the house we realized that we just needed more time to get everything together. That, and spending $1000 on plane tickets was not going to happen after that whole house purchase thing…you know, kind of expensive. Haha! So, now we plan to relax, get our new house all together, and hang out in our wonderful new backyard! We had already taken Friday off to go up to Michigan, so we have a 4 day weekend too! Don’t be jealous:) Just kidding, totally be jealous…it’s going to be fantastic! 

This is what I *WISH* I was going to be wearing this weekend. These shoes are the cutest things I have ever seen, and the shorts will be in my closet as soon as I go purchase them! Haha!

What will you be wearing this Memorial Day?

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Summer Colors: Green & Magenta

Hi Lovelies!

It has been so beautiful here in Austin for the past few weeks and it has really gotten me excited to break out the summer colors! Green and magenta is one of my favorite color schemes and I plan to wear it a lot this summer. If you follow along on Facebook, you will know from yesterday that this necklace is #1 on my list of things to get this summer. I just love the color, and let’s be honest…after my first Kendra Scott purchase this winter I am hooked! I love that she is local and I love the look of every single piece!

Summer Colors- Green and Magenta


Pretty sure I would wear this outfit every week if I owned it, so now I just need to work on getting clothing items to materialize out of thing air. Lol. This dress really isn’t bad actually, only $25 at H&M! I think I can swing $25, now over $300 for the handbag, that will have to be rethought. Cross you fingers that our little housing adventure goes well today!

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Little Leopard Touches

Black and denim and leopard keds

Hi Lovelies!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! My sister and her family from Dallas came to stay with us on their way to Sea World. Wes and I babysat for the little baby all day Saturday and he is such a perfect little angel. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you probably saw the photos of little Mr. Carter from this weekend.  It was so cute to watch Wes with the baby, and I think he had a lot of fun playing Uncle Wes for the weekend. One of the many reasons to love my husband, he’s going to be a fantastic dad someday. Don’t worry for all of you family members out there reading this and having a mild heart attack, it will be a long while. I got my baby fever out this weekend with my sister’s little ones:)

Leopard keds and denim jacket Black and leopard Black and denim Denim jacket and black cotton dress Black dress and denim jacket Denim jacket and black skirt Denim and black dressGet The Look:
Dress: H&M (Similar), Jacket: American Eagle, Clutch: Charming Charlie (Similar), Bracelets & Necklace: Charming Charlie (Similar), Sunglasses: Charming Charlie, (Similar) Leopard shoes: Target

On to the outfit! This dress (also seen here) is so comfortable and you can do pretty much anything with it. You all know my favorite print to throw into a plain, casual outfit (or any outfit really) is leopard and these shoes are my new favorites. I actually fell in love with some just like them that Shanna had on her blog a few weeks back, but they were so expensive. So, I went on a hunt for some cheaper ones and found these babies at Target. They are only $16.99 and they are really comfortable so I definitely would suggest ordering them:) I can’t wait to wear them like Shanna styled them with a cute t-shirt, fedora, and shorts!

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Fur and Plaid

Plaid and Fur mix

Hi Lovelies!

I have such mixed feelings right now. I am so happy that I am still able to wear this fur vest, because I haven’t worn it very much yet. At the same time, I am so unhappy that I am able to wear this fur vest, because that means that it’s cold outside. I know, I know….I’m pretty sure I am beating a dead horse over here with the weather talk, but I am so over the cold. 45 degrees and Megan do not mix.

Plaid shirt and fur vest Fur and Plaid Fur vest, plaid shirt, and boots Plaid shirt with fur Camel boots and clutch with plaid and fur

Get The Look:

Plaid shirt: Target, Fur vest: QVC, Denim: H&M, Boots: Charming Charlie, Clutch: Charming Charlie, Bracelets, Headband, & Necklace: Charming Charlie

Similar Items:

This outfit came together in this post a while back, and I finally put it together this week:) It makes me happy to pair something that usually has a masculine connotation like a plaid shirt, with something as feminine as fur. I am really loving the huge collar on this vest too, it’s awesome for those cold windy days we have been having.

What unexpected pairs have you been styling in your closet lately?

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