Memorial Day Inspiration

Hi Lovelies!

Memorial day came SO quickly this year I didn’t get much of a chance to plan. I don’t have a specific outfit planned out, I don’t have my menu together, and I don’t have set plans. This is SO unlike me! I am little miss planner who makes 15 to do lists per day, and it is driving me nuts that I don’t have anything set! Lol!

Wes and I were going to take a trip up to Michigan, but once we bought the house we realized that we just needed more time to get everything together. That, and spending $1000 on plane tickets was not going to happen after that whole house purchase thing…you know, kind of expensive. Haha! So, now we plan to relax, get our new house all together, and hang out in our wonderful new backyard! We had already taken Friday off to go up to Michigan, so we have a 4 day weekend too! Don’t be jealous:) Just kidding, totally be jealous…it’s going to be fantastic! 

This is what I *WISH* I was going to be wearing this weekend. These shoes are the cutest things I have ever seen, and the shorts will be in my closet as soon as I go purchase them! Haha!

What will you be wearing this Memorial Day?

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  1. Tiffany @ ArtSea Chic

    Loving the nautical style paired with red white and blue for Memorial Day weekend! Super cure anchor earrings :) I’ll be sporting camping clothes, trip to a Texas State park is in store for us!


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