Fly Blue Birds, Fly…

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First of all, can I say how dangerous it is for me to work so close to such GOOD shopping? I have this horrible tendency to “stop by just to look” during my lunch break and it is really not good on my paycheck. Well, at least I can admit I have a problem, right? That is probably not even close to something my dear husband would accept as an answer, haha!

Anyways,  I was browsing blogs last night and I came across a few cute items from Francesca’s Collections. I haven’t been to Francesca’s in such a long time, so I HAD to go “just look” and see what they had. An hour and more money than I would like to admit later, I had some brand new outfits. As they lie on the seat next to me in the car I could feel myself smile (this is how you know you have a problem). I was scheming…scheming what my next great outfit would be and this is what I came up with:





_DSC0055Skirt: Francesca’s Collections
Shirt: Francesca’s Collections
Heels: Charming Charlie
All Jewelry: Charming Charlie
Sunglasses: Charming Charlie
Clutch: Charming Charlie

Well, there you have it! I couldn’t even wait until I wear it tomorrow to show you all:) Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to like my page on Facebook!

xox Megan

18 Comments Fly Blue Birds, Fly…

  1. Bethany

    I love your outfit!! I tend to just stop by Francesca’s for a look too and usually end up bringing something home with me! I must go by Charming Charlie’s after seeing all of the cute items you have on from there, especially those pumps! Thanks so much for linking up with us, I am now following along via bloglovin’ :)
    xo Bethany

    1. allthatglitters810

      Thanks! Francesca’s is my go to place when I need a full outfit…I can always count on them! Charming Charlie’s is fabulous….very overwhelming though if you’ve never been. Thanks for following on bloglovin’ be sure to tell all your bloglovin’ friends:)
      xox Megan

  2. Jess A

    This is super cute. It has a very J. Crew vibe to it from the colour combination and the necklace. Also that skirt cut is super flattering on you!

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