The Big, Gooey, Messy Burger…

Also known as a sloppy Joe. All you 90’s kids, name that movie reference!

So, I wanted to introduce you all to a little trick of mine…it’s called trying to sneak veggies into my meals without my hubby noticing:) Now, I will let you know that my husband likes veggies…but he prefers cheezits, chips and salsa, and just plain old meat over veggies any day. Not only that, but veggies are impossible to fit into a meal like sloppy Joes. I mean, really, sloppy joes with a slice of green pepper and some sliced mushrooms on there? Weird, and not going to happen. So, I found a way to put them in there without the person eating even noticing.

I give you, sloppy Joes with secret veggie goodness:)


-2lbs Ground beef or turkey
-1 green pepper
-5-7 mushrooms
-2 cans Manwich
-Onion buns or another type of hamburger bun
-Sides: I chose corn on the cub and french fries

Now, here’s how it goes:

1.Chop your green pepper and mushrooms into the smallest pieces you can possibly chop!
2. Saute your green peppers (or red, or yellow, or any kind really) in a frying pan until tender.
3. Add mushrooms to pan and cook for another 2-3 minutes.
4. Add ground beef or turkey to veggies and cook until brown.
5. Add sloppy Joe mix. I personally like Manwich Bold, but if you have one with less sodium go for it:)
6. Let simmer for a few minutes and Voila! You’re done!


Tip for the corn on the cob:

When cooking the corn, put some sugar and milk in the water. Best corn on the cob I have EVER had. No really, try it!

Well, there you have it, sloppy Joes with veggies, and they are so good. Oh, and just ignore those french fries on there. I totally didn’t work out and then eat french fries….I lied I did.

Until next time!
xox Megan

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