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Hi Lovelies!

Exactly one year ago today I posted my very first post on All That Glitters. Now, I don’t count this as my first anniversary since I didn’t actually continue blogging much afterward until about June…but it is definitely something I want to celebrate:) That post, which is right here in case you were interested, tells a little about me and my little life here in Austin, TX. It also has a lot of really bad formatting…lol! Talk about hard to read! Well, I decided that since there are a couple new people around these parts since that post one year ago I would give you another glimpse into my life, maybe this time it won’t be quite as awful as that first one. So, here is a little list of firsts in my life…

First baby picture

My first picture ever.  I had surgery the day I was born, hence the big bandage.

Baby's first birthday

My first birthday. I was a messy kid and I loved cake. What can I say, some things never change.

Little girl's first bike

My first bike. I was obsessed with it and my doll…I look as though I may pull my little dolly’s hair out pretty soon though…

First day of school

My first day of school. This was over in England, and I’m pretty sure I was the cutest little British kid ever.

First time being awesome

My first time being awesome.  I clearly had the blogger hand on the hip pose down pat at a very young age…

First picture with my love

 My first picture with the hubby. We were the ripe old age of 16 seeing a movie with some friends:)

Sophie the Cavalier

 My first (and only) baby, Sophie. If you haven’t met Sophie yet, then you haven’t been hanging around enough! She is my little love bug and has the cutest face ever:)

First Glance

My first look at the man I am spending the rest of my life with on our wedding day.

So here we are twelve months and a few hundred followers later here we are. Speaking of that, I don’t know where all of you people came from, but thank you so much for showing up here when you do:) I appreciate it more than you will ever know! Hope you enjoyed my little list of firsts!

What was your very first post about? Link them up in the comments so I can read!

All That Glitters Blog SignatureIf you haven’t already followed along with me, you should do it today to celebrate the anniversary of my first post!

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8 Comments One Year Ago

  1. Mariko @ Budziak Beauty

    OMG! Look at you at 16 yrs old! And the first day of school…. Happy kind of blogiversary! Technically, I started my blog sometime in 2012 but didn’t start really blogging on my self hosted page until probably this time last year. Wow, time flies, right?

    1. Megan

      I know, right? There is NO better way to eat cake! And I guess I have my Momma to thank for making me a little fashionista! Lol!


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