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Pencil Skirt with neon top

Hi Lovelies!

If any of you know me well, you will know that I sometimes switch my outfit during the day…especially on the weekend. I get really excited about new clothes and new ways to style pieces and sometimes I just CAN NOT wait to wear them. So, I wear two outfits in one day….so sue me:) I am really trying to avoid doing this too often, because then I just dirty twice as many clothes, and in turn have to wash twice the amount of clothes. That’s just annoying and really a waste of water. We’re in a drought here people! So, today I am going to show you a cute way to style my outfit for a day out shopping with the girls, and later on next week i’ll show you how to change up the accessories in the outfit to make it perfect for a night on the town.

Pencil Skirt with neon top Scalloped Button Back Top Pencil Skirt with neon top Pencil Skirt with neon topGet The Look:
Target Skirt/ Charming Charlie Top/ Target Wedges/ Charming Charlie Necklace/ Charming Charlie Clutch/ Aldo Sunglasses

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For my day time look I went with some cute nude wedges with a matching clutch and a dainty necklace. I don’t like to wear a ton of jewelry when I go out shopping because you have to take it all off in order to try anything new on. The wedges are a little more casual, which make them perfect for a daytime outfit! Stay tuned next week when I change out those accessories for something a little more suitable for nighttime. 

How would you dress this up for a night on the town? Let me know in the comments below!

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