10 Fall Dates Ideas

10 fall date ideas

Dating. According to couples who have been happily married for years, dating your spouse is one of the most important things in keeping your marriage happy. Wes and I do a pretty good job at this I think:) We go on dinner dates, we take little bike rides to get ice cream, and we snuggle on the couch watching Netflix together on a weekly basis. Now, it really depends on what you call a “date”, but these are all little things I would have called a date with any boyfriend back in the day, so I’m going to count them now too:) Although we do go on little dates, I would like for us to be better at actually “dating each other”. I have been wracking my brain for a few little “dates” we could go on together and have come up with a few little things I want to do as a couple this fall! I’m sure there are plenty of others out there at a loss for new date ideas as well, so here you have it, 10 fall date ideas!

  1.  A fall picnic in the park. Layer yourself up (depending on where you live) and take your blanket and a picnic out to a local park. Spread out your blanket and enjoy your meal as well as each others company. You might even bring a little champagne and make a toast:)
  2. Go to a drive in movie theatre. Find one of these in your area on Google and buy some tickets. If it’s warm enough to sit outside, bring some lawn chairs and a blanket to set up and some snacks to munch on! If it’s too cold already, sit inside your car with a blanket and snuggle up together!
  3. Go bowling. Make it interesting by turning it into a bet! Whoever looses has to do the dishes or take out the trash all week.
  4. Have a bonfire in your back yard. Get a fire going and make s’mores together. If it’s really cold make a little hot cocoa and throw in a bit of schnapps!
  5. Go Apple picking. We don’t have apple orchards here in Texas, but I have never been on a date to an apple orchard and it’s my dream so it’s going on here! Haha! Pick some apples, drink some cider, eat some donuts, and enjoy the fall weather!
  6. Carve pumpkins together. Pick a night after work, and go pick out pumpkins together. Carve them together and see who can make the best design. Once it gets dark outside light some candles for them and put them on your front porch.
  7. Make Halloween costumes together. Wes and I made our costumes (Minnie Mouse and Mighty Mouse) last year and it was a blast! Even better, make each others costumes and see how much you trust each other!
  8. Have a movie marathon all day long. There is nothing like a fall Sunday spent entirely in bed.  Only get out of bed to make/get food and just spend the entire day watching movies. I’m a personal fan of a Harry Potter marathon or Halloween movies:)
  9. Make something together. Apple sauce, cake, pumpkin bread, dinner. Whatever it is, make it together.
  10. Take dancing classes. Find a local dance studio online or on Groupon and take classes. Find another couple and have them join in too! Groupon always has cheap options for classes and it’s a nice way to spend time together without eating or watching tv!

There you have it, my fall date ideas. It’s almost the end of October already, so I have to get on these really quickly!

Do you have any fun dates you like to go on with your husband during the fall?

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5 Comments 10 Fall Dates Ideas

  1. Nancy

    Aw I love all these ideas. I’ve been on a real “date idea” kick lately, especially since we’re new to the area we’re living in – everything is still so new and exciting to us. :)

  2. lauriel

    Fun, festive picks for the season. 😀 I love the fact that you included apple picking, although it’s something that’s still on your to-do wishlist! I’ve gone on apple-picking outings back east (I’m now in CA), and I will affirm that they are loads of fun, and the end-of-day treats of apple cider and freshly-made apple pie and applesauce from the day’s pickings is sheer perfection. :)



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